Start your organic plate and cup business (sal leaves)

Organic plate making is the primary source income for many families residing in the forested areas in our country. From the ancient times that sal tree has great importance among the tribal community as they are much dependent on the sal leaves uses and its other products for their livelihood.

In recent time, due to rapid urbanization and growing demand for eco-friendly products, sal leaf plate manufacturing is not only restricted to any particular class or community. Still, it has become one of the popular small-scale businesses in various parts of India.

Start your Organic plate and Cup Business

Marketing opportunity of sal leaf plates making

Disposable plates and other items are made up of many things, both natural and human-made. Out of this, natural things are best preferred as artificial items like plastics and others comes with the risk of many health hazards. Moreover, the hiring cost of glass/steel for parties is more than the price of leaf plates along with the bowls.

That is the reason leaf dinnerware is one of the most preferred ones in comparison to the other items. The business idea of the leaf organic plate has a significant market potentiality to be a successful business venture.

India is abundant with Sal trees. Odisha, West Bengal and Bihar are the places in India which have the maximum growth of the Sal trees. India is one of the highest growers of Sal trees in the world which gives enormous scope for the leaf plate manufacturing units in India to prosper.

The manufacturing process of organic plate making

The earlier leaf plates manufacturing process was entirely dependent on the handmade procedure. But with the introduction of new technologies, now there is a leaf plate making the machine with which it can be produced very quickly. Thousands of dishes can be manufactured with ease on a single day.

Different leaf plate making machine:

  • Manually operated machine: Cost approx 10,000 to 12,000 Rs
  • Motor operated Machine: Cost approx 30,000 to 35,000 Rs

You will also need dishes of different size. The 14-inch dish costs around Rs 3,000. The 10-inch dish will cost like Rs 2,500, and the 8-inch dish will cost Rs 2,000. For making the bowl, you will need 4-inch dish which will cost you around Rs 1,500.

Manufacturing process

The Sal leaf is the primary raw material required in the process. The two other materials needed are bamboo sticks and polythene films. Earlier, leaves collected from the forest are dried in an open space for 3-4 hours and then kept in the open for the whole night to acquire some moisture. After that, those leaves are stitched with bamboo sticks to convert them into plates and bowls and later pressed under a foot-operated pressing unit to give the actual shape of the plates and bowls.

With the introduction of the motor-operated leaf organic plate making the machine, the making process has become easier. At first, the sal leaves are dipped into the water. Then those are put into the specific dish of the machine and the machine will produce plates and bowls as per the mentioned forms.

Packing materials

You will need plastic bags for the packaging purpose of the end product. To give the plates an elegant look and for more durability, you can even laminate the organic plates or bowls.

You will also need 220 volts for operating the motor-operated sal leaf organic plate making the machine.

Steps to start a sal leaf plate manufacturing unit

The sal leaves plates manufacturing business is a small scale business opportunity. But, even being a small scale idea, the demand is enormous for organic plates and bowls. With this business scope, you can have a successful venture in business to have a lucrative individual career opportunity.

Strategic research:

Every business idea needs to be commenced after doing advanced research on the same. As a business owner, you need to know every detail of the business. Your research should find out the different pros and cons of the company, the market potentiality of the same, required capital along with operating procedures.

Sal leaves organic plate business plan:

A business plan plays a significant role in the success of any business. It also helps in getting a loan facility from financial institutes. It should include the detailed step of operating the company along with the plans for the future growth of the same. Sal leaves organic plates are sold on many eCommerce sites like Amazon and Ebay. Once you have setup your business you can sell your products directly to the customers.


The business of leaf plate making is a small scale unit. So you will not need a considerable investment for the same. Your complete set of machinery will come with an approx investment of Rs 1 Lacs. So the rest of the required capital can be estimated with the research.


As the manufacturing unit, your business will not be linked to direct customers. So, the place of the unit doesn’t play a vital role. You can take place in rent or lease which is cheap but is connected with the transport system and have a supply of power.


In the research of your business, find out the best suppliers of the raw materials, i.e. Sal leaf. Make a complete comparison of different suppliers and select the best and cost-effective one. You can also grow your leaves using organic farming.


As you will be a new entrant in the market, you need to promote your business extensively. Find out the bulk purchasers of leaf dinnerware and other items and proper marketplace where you can sell your product regularly.

These are the necessary steps to begin your organic plate making business. You can start this business to have a successful venture into the world of entrepreneurship.

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