How to Earn Money from in 2024?

Due to the current scenario, the unemployment rate in India is skyrocketing. Many talented employees have lost their jobs and are focusing on freelancing rather than to find new jobs. But selecting the right platform and choosing a niche of their specialization requires a lot of studies. This article on how to earn money from freelancer in India will guide you with all the necessary points you need for your research.

How much freelancers earn in India freelancer website dashboard

What kind of jobs are available in freelancing in India?

You will find a numerous amount of jobs available in the freelancing website. Some of the gigs are for gamers, students, housewives, programmers, developers, content writers, builders, etc. You can find your desire jobs under the categories like

  • Digital Marketing jobs
  • Virtual Assistance jobs
  • Graphics Designing jobs
  • Website Development jobs
  • App Development jobs
  • Content Writing jobs

If you are confused about how to earn money from freelancer India, then let me tell me if you have any skills in any field like gaming you can make money through freelancing.

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How to work on freelancer for beginners?

In the beginning, creating an account in the freelancer and waiting for your first client is same as opening your shop and waiting for the customer. You have to work really hard to increase your credibility in the platform.

Some of the ways, you can find your first client are:

  • Listing your gig on all Social media platforms. Remember, there are 30+ social media platform rather than Facebook and Twitter.
  • Building a portfolio website free using Behance.
  • Focus on rating rather than money on freelancer as a beginner.
jobs rating on freelancer website

Advantages of freelancing

If you want to switch your career to freelancing, then you must know the advantages and disadvantages of working as a freelancer. Some of the benefits are:

Work from home job opportunity

If you want to work as a freelancer, then the only thing you need is an internet connection and a laptop. You can work from your home, parks, gardens or even from vacation. You don’t need to be present in the office to work as a freelancer.

No work pressure

One of the common reason for stress is the work pressure of the office. As the freelancer, you can choose projects and clients accordingly to your ease. As there is no boss, you can work at any time you want and complete the proposals of your clients.

Independent work life

While working in a company, you are dependent on your team, support team, maintenance team and your boss for your performance. But when working as a freelancer, you can work effectively without any dependence on anyone.

Salary increment

At the end of the month, you will get a certain amount of money as your salary. You can’t increase your salary of your own. You will get the performance bonus only if you are under the radar of your boss. But in freelancing, if you work hard, there is no bar for your salary. In the same job timings, you can earn three times more from freelancing as compare to your job.

Disadvantages of freelancing

Many people leave their job and join freelancing in the hope of higher income, low work pressure and many more. But they forget that everything has an opposite side. Let us know some of the disadvantages of freelancing.

No bonus on festivals

Many companies give some increment on their salary as a bonus on festivals like Diwali and Christmas. You will not get the bonus if you are working as a freelancer because the number of projects and clients decrease during the festival season. It results in less client and projects resulting in less income.

No weekend holidays

If you want to earn more through freelancing, you have to work on weekends to complete the projects of some frustrating clients. In jobs, you get the salary at the end of the month, which include your weekend holidays.

No guidance for work

If you are stuck in some development projects, you can ask your senior or team lead for the solution. But as s freelancer, you have to work individually. If you have some doubts, then there is no one to solve except you.

No medical allowances

Freelancing websites don’t pay for your medical bills. The client doesn’t care about your medical condition because they hired you virtually. Don’t worry. There are many insurance policies which will be the same as your medical allowances.

Please keep in mind the advantages and disadvantages before learning how to earn money from freelancer in India.

How to Earn Money from Freelancing in India

Now, you know the highs and lows of the job as a freelancer in India. Making your work profile in freelancing website is the most straightforward job, but the real challenge is to get your first client. You must learn to communicate with your clients, write business proposals, portfolio for your clients. If you want to know how to earn money from freelancer in India, then follow the steps given below.

Select your category or niche

First of all, you have to select your niche. You must select your category according to your profession and passion. If you are a developer, then you can choose the developer category. But the competition in this niche is very high, so you have to narrow down your niche like App developer and so on.

Once you decided the category, you must know your level of experience whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert on that field. You have to select the freelancing platform according to your experience level. Suppose you are an expert on any field like SEO, Digital Marketing, Web Development, etc. Then you can go for high paying freelancing websites like Upwork, Peopleperhour, etc.

Some of the websites to earn money from freelancer in India for beginners are:

  • Truelancer
  • Youth4work
  • WorknHire

Make the account and showcase your portfolio.

Make the account in one of the freelancing website listed above with all the correct information. Connect all the social media account for verification and getting a verification badge. Get the certification badge from your industry. Build your portfolio to showcase your clients.

How much freelancers earn in India?

How much freelancers earn in India freelancer website dashboard

There are many surveys by Paypal and Payoneer about the average annual income of freelancers in India. But as a beginner, your earning is depended on your experience and platform credibility. You can earn from Rs 1 lakh to 2 lakhs per annum in your first year of freelancing. If you are an expert in your profession and have at least 5 years of experience and five-star rating, then you can increase your hourly rate or the fixed price. As an expert, you can earn from Rs 10 lakhs to 15 lakhs per annum.


Selecting freelancing as a career is a big decision. Many people start this journey but fail to retain in this industry because they don’t research appropriately about their competition and the platform. The main ingredients which are very important to become a successful freelancer are patience. This article on how to earn money from freelancer in India will guide you with all the factors from freelancing. I hope this article clear all your doubt regarding freelancing in India.

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