Start an automated fish farming business in India

The traditional method of growing fish is not only labour intensive but time-consuming and requires total attention. Due to which part-time fish farming was not possible until now, but it is now by automated fish farming business.

Automated fish farming business in India

Automated fish farming business in india

Fish farming problems:

In fish farming, the routine activities like the feeding of fish, draining, replacement of dirty water and debris, consume labour work and time. Furthermore, the current online fish sellers do not have any background and care requirements information for the fish that they sell.

Need in the market

Target market:

  1. Metropolitan cities where fresh and healthy fish is not available due to the polluted river.
  2. Most people do not have access to retail fish shops.
  3. Selling tropical fish to fish collectors and fish retailers in Maharashtra.
  4. Hotel business.

Fish farming business benefits:

  1. Low investment and high profit.
  2. A secondary source of income for farmers.
  3. High-profit start-up for everyone
  4. Easily implemented in rural and urban areas in little space

The automation of fish pond and fish tank by efficient utilization of electronic technology to maintain fish health, reduce labour work and enhance fish production.

  • This system monitors the lake in a time domain. It takes necessary actions such as feeding, draining and refilling of water, water and temperature level monitoring, pH level measurement and water turbidity detection.
  • While feeding can be done 3 to 4 times a day, draining and refilling of water is based on the condition of the water. The temperature level of the aquarium is critical to the survival of the fish and requires close monitoring.

Modern theory and concept:

Presently several ways are used in fish production. One of the methods is Irrigation, and the water level of ponds is maintained to raise fish. The lakes build artificially are earthen ponds.

In this case-control of water quality is crucial. Fertilizing, clarifying is done manually, as long PH and oxygen levels at the appropriate level the production is at the high side.

Implementation of Solution

Key Steps Involved:

  1. Measuring the area of land for aquarium construction
  2. Aquarium assembly
  3. Implementation
  4. Testing for proper functioning

Critical factors of the aquarium:

Heater and the temperature sensor– To regulate the temperature within the aquarium system.

Aerator– To ensure availability of oxygen within the aquarium

Inlet and outlet pumps– For in filling and draining of the system respectively.

Level sensorTo monitor the water level in the system, especially during filling and draining exercise.

Dirt sensor- Enables microcontroller to change the water when the water is high in ammonium.

Feeder– For adequate feeding of the fishes.

Light sensor- To automate the lighting of the environment. The output elements comprising the heater, feeder, aerator, inlet pump, outlet pump and LEDs are all controlled by the microcontroller through actuators via the smart interface.

LCD- To view data input to the controller via a keypad.

Machines used in the fish farming business

The system implementation comprises of two parts:

  1. Hardware assembly
  2. Software implementation

Appropriate Monitoring Mechanism:

The construction of the prototype mechanical model of the aquarium developed. The system follows the following algorithm for software implementation of the aquarium and its proper control.

Impact Of Solution

Impact: As the feeding to fishes for 3 to 4 times a day, draining and refilling of water, water and temperature level monitoring, pH measurement of water, turbidity detection and brightness management in the aquarium system done automatically, the labour work reduces with high accuracy in the required output. In this culture, production of any species of fishes made efficiently with a substantial profit to the aquarist. It ensures a consistent supply of aquatic species for human consumption. Provides the great benefit to aquarist with the small investment, reducing labour expenditure, increasing market value price.

Sustainability: After implementing this system, it will sustain for a long time without any doubt.

Scalability: If user or businessman wants any improvement in the aquarium system of the proposed solution, any software engineer may enhance the application of the method according to requirement. Even for future scope, as per requirements, the answers can be implemented on the same aquarium system with few modifications. There is no need for new construction of the scheme.

Funding: Including assembly & implementation, the start-up will cost up to Rs. 15,000 /- only per aquarium

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