How to look for software developers of a start-up company?

If you have a startup, you are familiar with the need to hire software developers. However, things might not go as smoothly as you expected, and you might not be able to find local talents that match your specific requirements. 

As a startup, you are aware that the corporate benefits look more appealing for the employees. Therefore, you can’t compete with large companies in terms of salaries and benefits. Experienced software developers will prefer stable companies, which are growth opportunities. On top of that, you have financial concerns and undergo employment difficulties. 

However, this doesn’t have to mean that startups have very limited access to talents. Many established companies have outsourced their developing services at the earliest stages of their growth. Whatsapp and Slack are some of the popular brands that have outsourced services in their startup phase.

Outsourcing is an excellent solution if you want to grow your startup and work with software developers that match your needs. In this post, we go through the different aspects of outsourcing software developers and valuable tips.

Identify your needs

Every small business is a story on its own. Therefore, the startup’s needs differ from each other. To make sure you find the right developers for your business, you need to identify your needs first. Based on your needs, you can find a specialist in the field that will answer your problem.

Type of employment

The employment model will mostly depend on the project type. If you already have an in-house development team that takes care of the project, you can include specialists for specific tasks. The extended team model provides expertise in any area that is your weak point. 

 If the project is relatively small, the best option would be a project-based approach. This approach includes a fixed price that will cover the already defined tasks. However, this model won’t suit projects with changing pace.

If your idea needs to undergo all phases of development, a dedicated team will work perfectly. This model includes a group of developers who work solely on your project, which has a defined period. This model allows flexibility and direct communication so that you can implement changes in any phase. 


Choosing a country where you should hire developers is a complex decision. Knowing that some countries are cheaper, startups will do their best to find cost-efficient options. However, keep in mind that working with people from other countries means language barriers and different time zones. 

Find developers

Once you have figured everything else, it is time to look for your talents. However, this step isn’t that easy. The easiest way to find a developer that fits your needs is to join the popular freelancing platforms such as Guru, Upwork, and Freelancer. These platforms gather developers from all over the world and give you the needed tools to establish a connection with them. If you have specific requirements, you can use the filtering tools to find the correct matches. 

Expertise verification

Once you have chosen your developer, make sure to verify their expertise. Freelancing platforms make it easy for you to check this since they offer insights into the developer’s portfolio and reviews. If you are working with a company, check testimonials from past clients and ask for their portfolio of projects. 


Once you think you have found the right person or team, do an interview. Ask the candidate about their experience and projects similar to yours. Once both sides come to a mutual agreement, be clear about the terms and requirements to avoid confusion.

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