Top Tech Startups Trends in 2022

Technology is changing the way we communicate and how we carry out our day-to-day activities. Also, it is helping us to be more innovative in our daily lives in different ways, allowing us to experience our world in novel ways. 

Technology plays a vital role in the growth of the global economy. Many tech startups are emerging, and this trend will continue at an increasing rate. These startups are changing many people’s lives by raising their living standards due to the employment created.

Let’s have a look at the top tech startups trends that are rapidly growing and earning high profits.

1. Creator Platform

Currently, the creator economy is experiencing immense growth, with over 50 million content creators worldwide. The population bracket that has dominated this field is Generation Z due to their changing career aspirations.

According to a study conducted in the USA, 29% of students want to enter a creative career rather than assuming a more traditional role such as a doctor or lawyer. 

Content creator platforms play a vital role in reducing the unemployment levels amongst the youth. They provide an enabling environment and infrastructure to create and monetize their content. These platforms offer efficient tools that allow content creators to record, edit and publish their work, generating their income, thus proving financial independence. 

Such platforms enable creators and consumers to connect easily for improved profit and content consumption. The Covid-19 pandemic has made the creator economy even stronger as some people who lost their jobs had to search for new methods of earning money. 

Examples of these creator platforms include Substack and Stem.

Substack is an online platform that offers publishing, design, analytics, and payment infrastructure, promoting subscription newsletters. It has its headquarters in San Francisco, California, USA. 

Stem is helping many music creators distribute their music, manage their content, share information, and make it easier to split revenue. It profits artists without them having to sell their content rights. It has its headquarters in  Santa Monica, California, USA. 

2. Differential Privacy

Data privacy has been an ongoing topic for quite some time now. One of the latest solutions to ensure data privacy is through generating data synthetically. Engineers create the synthetic data through programming using various algorithms that take all the properties of the data without revealing any details about the actual people.

Research has proved that synthetic data can be as valuable as the original data. The fields that are set to benefit from synthetic data include financial institutions, smart cities, retail, medical equipment, and autonomous vehicles. 

The information security services and products economy is rapidly growing, and it is something a person with the knowledge of data security should consider. Below are some of the top startups that offer synthetic data products and services to watch:

Privatar: This company offers a data provisioning infrastructure to protect more delicate data and allow room for data analysis. 

MOSTLY AI: It offers a synthetic data engine for generating realistic artificial users and data for Aland training, datathons, hackathons, and rapid POC evaluations. 

3. Influencer Marketing- One of The Top Tech Startups Trends

Influencer Marketing- One of The Top Tech Startups Trends

The requirement for more authentic and credible advertisements over the years has risen, and many companies are using famous people or influencers to target their prospective market.

As part of the ever-changing digital market approach, testimonial-like and more personalized content increases brand reputation and awareness. Before you even consider this form of digital advertising, you should explore your needs first. Then, research the best personality who will fit well in the industry by analyzing their branding to see whether it fits your branding image. 

Many influencers on digital platforms such as Instagram, Ticktock, Twitter, and Facebook have a well-established brand for influencing different products. Some influencers are earning millions by branding themselves. 

4. Cookie-busting Ads  

The third-party cookies era is soon coming to an end. The demand for enhanced transparency and privacy is shifting how big startups work, and safari and Firefox have started blocking third-party cookies.

Google has also made it clear that they plan to phase out such cookies in Chrome by the end of 2022. The changes have and will continue to affect the advertisement industry, which has been reliant on cross-website trackers for over 25 years. 

Digital marketing and AdTech have to adapt to the cookie-less digital advertisement world by reinventing their business operations and models.

One of the alternatives is using contextual targeting tools, which involves AI analyzing different media information sources such as videos, images, and articles. They do so to understand the context and recommend the perfect advertisements.

In simple language, it is a process that involves putting advertisements on websites, depending on their content—for example, placing phone ads on technological news articles. This alternative is already dominating the advertisement industry. 

An example of such a startup is GumGum, which designed an engine for contextual advertisement that can comprehend the meaning of images, texts, and videos online. The platform allows advertisers to precisely and safely place various ads on platforms that prospective buyers are most engaged with. 

5. Cryptocurrency

Many cryptocurrencies companies are emerging. Some cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, and Coinye are already well-established and are making large profits. Investors have put a lot of money into the blockchain and can watch their money grow. Although it might be riskier, it is one of the investments with high returns to consider. 


Technology plays a crucial role in making our everyday tasks simpler. Zoom, for example, simplified life when the Covid-19 pandemic struck. Some tech startups such as Amazon have made the owners wealthiest people in the world. However, you should always check on your data safety before investing in tech to keep your money safe. 

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