How To Show Your Gratitude And Appreciation For Long-Serving Employees Upon Their Retirement

Throughout the past two years or so, if you as a business owner or manager are lucky enough that your business survived and, dare one say it, even thrived despite the proverbial trials and tribulations of the Covid-19 pandemic, you will be fully aware that you have your employees to thank. 

Whether or not you have been in your current management role for many years, or instead are a relative new starter to the company, either way you will be fully aware of the incredible contribution, the strong working ethic and years of productivity that long-serving members of your workforce have contributed.

With that being said, continue reading to learn how to show your gratitude and appreciation for long-serving employees upon their retirement. 

Buy Them A Meaningful & Thoughtful Retirement Gift

One of the most disappointing things you could possibly do when choosing how best to reward an employee that has been working for your company for a number of years is to merely engage in a quick ‘whip round’ for loose change and to buy the retiring employee a gift voucher for their local mall.

Instead, invest considerable time, not to mention a financial investment, in finding out (even though you should probably already be aware) of your employee’s passions, hobbies and other extracurricular pursuits. 

Examples of retirement-worthy presents that would both be a delightful and meaningful gift include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Personalized Travel or Weekend Bag
  • Wine Mixer Selection Box
  • Engraved Hip Flask or Lighter
  • Mystery Book Box
  • Rum or Whiskey Home Making Kit
  • Luxury Hot Water Bottle & Pamper Set
  • Lush Gift Set
  • Home Entertainment System
  • Luxury Popcorn Maker
  • Home Coffee Machine
  • A Luxury Weekend Away
  • Set of Golf Clubs

Hire Outside Bartenders For The Retirement Party

Instead of sending off one of your other employees with a handful of petty cash to the nearest superstore for a bargain load of booze and soda bottles, treat your retiring employee and for that matter the rest of your workforce by hiring the services of fully trained professionals, such as those at

Make Time For An Informal Chat & One-To-One

Obviously, running and managing a working business, regardless of the industry or indeed the size of the company, is an incredibly demanding and challenging role that usually results in ‘firefighting’ for most of the day, rather than ‘cracking on’ with new tasks, incentives and targets, 

However, regardless of how busy you are, it is crucially important to make sure you schedule and allow time for a proper, albeit informal, on-to-one meeting and chat with your long-term and now retiring employee. This gives them the chance to fully accept and process the end of their working career, as well as affords you the opportunity to personally, verbally and positively emphatically thank them for their years of hard work and service and support to the company.

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