New Business Ideas in Kerala with Low Investment 2024

Kerala has the highest literacy rate in India. With the highest number of English speaking population, if you want to start your own business then here are some new business ideas in Kerala.

Some of the new business ideas are like starting a drone business for wedding photography, starting your own village theme luxurious hotels, commercial cleaning services, etc. If you have low investment then you can go for app and software development company, Event management services, home tutor classes, etc.

In this article, I have sort listed some of best ideas and categories them into new, small, online, self and for ladies. Please take the note of the idea and prepare a business plan with proper research before investing in any plan.

New business ideas in Kerala

  • Drone business
  • Camera and camcorder rental shop
  • Ancient artifacts shop
  • Childcare centers
  • Install ATM machine for international transactions

Drone Business

Drone is the latest technology which emerges as the business idea in many industries like delivery, defense, agriculture, etc. If you want to start your business ideas in Kerala then drone business should be in your list. You can start your wedding photography, geographical photography, renting drone or even start your drone flying classes.

Camera and camcorder rental shop

Camera is one of the most rented items during the wedding seasons. But due to popularity of pre-wedding shoots and post-wedding shoots, starting your camera and camcorder rental shop will give you a quick push to make your business successful. A new trend of photo shoot for Instagram and Facebook profile among teens are booming so renting your camera is also a good idea to earn good profits.

Ancient artifacts shop

Kerala is rich in its diversity and history due to which you can find very ancient items in Kerala. You can sell those artifacts online as well as offline to local and international markets. There is a huge demand for valuable ancient artifacts because many collector pays a handsome amount of money for those items. Some of the online websites on which you can sell artifacts are Ebay and Etsy.

Childcare centers

As the jobs of parents are increasing the need of the childcare centers are also increasing. Due to hectic schedules, parents don’t have enough time to take proper care of their toddlers. If you want to start a childcare center you have to take the license as per health and safety requirements. There are many other factors like inspection and certification.

Install ATM machine for international transactions

Many foreigners once in their vacation face the issue of foreign exchange. If you install ATM machine in high tourist areas for international transactions then it would be a one of the best business idea in Kerala. You will earn some commission for every transaction made from your ATM machine. The commission rates of foreign exchange is also high due to which you can start your successful business in no time.

Small business ideas in Kerala

  • Organic straws and plates shop
  • Egg tray
  • Mobile repairing shop
  • Ice-cream parlour shop
  • Poultry Farming
  • Candle making business

Organic straws and plates shop

Bamboo straws small business ideas in Kerala

The awareness of using natural products is increasing day by day. People are supporting small business in Kerala by buying the organic products rather than products made from plastics. Many hotels are restaurants are buying organic straws and leaf plates made from small bamboos and other tree products. Starting your organic straws and plates shop will be most successful business in this less competitive industry.

Egg tray

Egg trays is one of the most easiest business. The two things which you need to start this business is the compressor and paper. You can setup this business in your backward because it doesn’t require a large area to run machines. Before starting this business, make a quick survey of poultry farms and their need of the egg tray.

Mobile repairing shop

One harsh truth of mobile industry is, the commission you make on mobile accessories is more than that of the mobile. If you are a mobile geek and knows all the settings and procedure for repairing then this small business is just for you. You can learn mobile repairing or enroll in the offline course to brush up your skills.

Ice-cream parlour shop

Ice-cream never goes off season. If you are a child or an elder, everyone love ice-creams. You can take any ice-cream franchises or start you make your ice-cream. Some of the best food franchise in India are Amul Ice-creams, Baskin Robbins, etc. To get maximum profits, you have to setup your parlour near parks or colleges, to attract the younger and adults.

Poultry Farming

Eggs and chicken dishes are the two most loved food in India. If you want to start you poultry farm then you must take a small course on poultry farming from a well-known institute who have the government certification. You should work in a poultry farm to know the ups and lows of this business. Poultry farming is the best business opportunity for people living in rural areas.

Online business ideas in Kerala

Due to low investment and poor financial conditions, many people try to work from home to minimize the shop and material cost. Some of the online business ideas in Kerala are:

  • Starting your online Kirana store
  • Selling handmade ornaments online
  • Freelancing
  • YouTube Videos
  • Blogging
  • Social Media Marketing

Best business ideas in Kerala

Kerala is also known for its tourism so its very common to think of any new business opportunity to start your own company in tourism. Some of the best business ideas in Kerala are related to tourism like

  • Drone tourist photography
  • Ancient artifacts shop
  • Handmade ornaments
  • ATM machine
  • Tour guide translator business

Self business ideas in Kerala

If you want to start self business, then you have to work very hard to get results. Working on any projects require time and dedication. When you work alone, you can easily lose your dedication because you can’t share your doubts and learning experience with anyone. If you are prepared to work alone then here are some self business ideas in Kerala.

  • App Development
  • Website Development
  • Virtual Assistance

Some of the home based business ideas in Kerala which don’t require any help are paper bag making business idea, jute bag making business idea, leaf plate making, papad making, noodles making, etc.

Business ideas for ladies in Kerala

Ladies are taking interest to start their business to help and support their families. There are many business ideas for ladies in Kerala. All the ideas which are listed are home based business ideas which don’t require a huge space and capital.

  • Paper bag
  • Papad making
  • Homemade cake and ice-cream
  • Lactose free tea for sugar patient

What are Business ideas in Kerala with low investment?

No business is small or big. If you are willing to start your business in Kerala with low investment. Then here are some of the ideas like
Organic straws and plates shop
Egg tray
Mobile repairing shop
Ice-cream parlour shop
Poultry Farming


Starting a business is no big deal if you have the required investment but the real challenge is to run the business. There are many business ideas which you can do in Kerala. You have to prepare a full business plan and investment plan. After doing a proper research about the area and the competition, setup your business ideas in Kerala. Hope, the business ideas in this article guided you to start you own business in Kerala with low investment.

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