How to Make a Candle and Start a Candle Making Business for Beginners (Updated)

In this post, we will learn how to make a candle and start a candle making business. There’s a lot of different things you can do. But if you’re getting into candles for the first time, there are many useful resources out there. Google is probably number one. Start Googling stuff, and you’re going to find hundreds if not thousands of pages that will give you some necessary information.

How to make candles at home and start candle making business

Learn How to make Professional Candles For Beginners (Basics)

Facebook Groups

I would say get into a good Facebook group, which I know you guys have one as well. We highly suggest joining a group because you guys will get a fantastic sense of community. You’ll get instant help to many questions you may have and have an excellent resource to connect with other candle makers.

So if you guys are looking to join a group, we highly suggest a DIY candle making group on Facebook or wood wick candle making. Outside of the group.

YouTube Videos

I would go to YouTube next. Tutorial videos are an excellent way to help you get started to visually see how to make candles and create a candle making business and learn a lot of information in a short period.


Next, I would say get a DIY kit. Many people struggle with what to get the waxes, the wicks, anything like that. Usually, a good candle-making kit will give you everything you need to know and have everything perfected for you within the box, so that’s probably the number one for starting.

A kit can be a great way to discover if you even like candle making and how you feel about it. A kit is a great way to start. I suggest the equipment because it keeps it real simple, and that’s the other thing I would say, if you see some candles that you like, anything that I jump into photography, video, or even candles, I see something that I like.

Try to copy other candles.

I try to mimic that because you know that they have a result. You try to match that once you get that down, just a necessary jar, a single wick, and then your fragrance oil.

Once you start doing it, you get an idea of what to do and how to branch off from that, you begin to see things that you want to do for the next one. So keeping it simple and mimicking something that you visit. It gives you a building block to start.

Scope of candle making business

US scented candle market bar graph for candle making business

In this bar graph, you can see the revenue and demand of candles in US market.

A second tip to start your candle making business as a beginner

Instead of trying to jump into candle making and doing something complicated, starting simple with one candle, one wick, and just trying to take it from there, it’s a perfect place to begin for starting your candle making business as a beginner.


The next one I would say is ratios. Just making sure that if you do get something, the kits will have all the ratios measured out, of course, which I know you guys do as well, and anything like waxes.

Keeping it to the manufacturer’s ratios is probably the biggest tip I can give you. Many people want to go overboard with oils because they think the more oil, the stronger the candle. Keeping it to the ratios that you guys have or any manufacturer has, like the one ounce to one pound or something like that, it’s probably a big one.

Refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines

Candle making is just as much a science as it is in art. You can’t just go throwing a bunch of components together and expect them to perform correctly. Refer to the manufacturer‘s guidelines for

  • what percentage of fragrance oil
  • what percentage of candle wax
  • make sure to weigh out your wax and your fragrance so that you know you’re using the appropriate ratio.

That’s a big one.

Placing wicks

I would say the next one is when you’re placing wicks. Pen casing is a good thing for placing wicks, especially if you get some real tall narrow containers. These are a little bit easier because you can get your hands in there.

But using like a Bic ballpoint pen, I found that one early on, and it helps quite a bit. And then, of course, wooden wicks are probably the easiest ones because you can grip the entire thing, place it, and center themselves. You don’t even have to center them with the centering tools and all that. So pen casing and wood wicks are a great way to start.

Wooden wicks

Wooden wicks are a great way for beginners to learn how to place the wick. The wicks are rigid, so they’re not going to move around during your candle making process, which makes them a great entry-level wick for anybody to start with.

Don’t be afraid to hand your candles out- Testing.

The next thing I would say is probably don’t be afraid to hand your candles out. So once you make them, a lot of people, anything you’re doing, like art, or creations or anything like that, people get self-conscious, and they don’t want to hand stuff out.

But with candles, you’re going to realize that you get kind of “scent dead” once you start making them, and you lose your sense of judging how good they are.

Hand them out to family

So it’s always a good idea to take your candles for your candle making business, hand them out to family, give them out to co-workers, and say, please test this for me and see what you think. When you are constantly around a certain fragrance, you may start to lose your sensitivity to that particular fragrance’s strength. So giving them to a friend, a family member, and getting feedback is an excellent way to help judge your candles.

Experiment with candles – try new things.

The other thing I would say, another tip, is to have fun and experiment with them – try new things. Try new waxes, try new oils, and go from there. I mean, what are you doing if candle making something.

Isn’t fun, right?

It’s a real passion for many people, both in the Facebook groups and on YouTube. Whether it’s a business for you or a hobby, something you’re doing now and then, it’s an enjoyable activity. So don’t take yourself too seriously and make sure to keep it fun.

Color your candles

Another tip I was going to throw in here is to get stuff that you like. If you want to color your candles, if you want certain types of fragrance oils, get scents that you’re going to like so that when you make a product, you’re happy with it. I see many people in the group who will get a scent because it’s trendy, and they don’t like it, and they ultimately end up with the candle they’re not happy with and giving up on the idea of candle making business. So definitely get stuff that you like. I agree because when you’re out there if you’re selling your products, you want it to be something you’re proud of. You want to be passionate about it.


Definitely, and I think probably the last one is just to kind of have fun with it. I mean, that’s really what everyone’s here for. Just have fun with it. Get out there and continue to do stuff that you like. If it starts to go down a route that you’re not happy with, reroute and go back to what’s fun about it.

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