How to Choose CBD Flower: A Guide for First-Timers

Choosing  CBD flowers is easy. What’s hard is finding a good source.

Luckily, we’ve put together this guide so you can save some time and ensure your money is well spent.

Let’s start at the beginning: how to choose CBD flower

What’s CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, and it’s an extract found in the hemp plant. Hemp contains over 80 cannabinoids (more than any other plant species) but only trace amounts of THC, meaning no one will get high from CBD products. It’s the latest trend in natural health, but it’s not the same thing as “medical marijuana”. If you’re looking to treat a specific ailment, you want to research the strains a company sells to determine how effective they are in terms of treating it.

When choosing a good CBD flower, the first step is to understand how cannabinoids work. The cannabinoids work by interacting with the receptors in our body and mind, and this has a therapeutic effect on all of us. CBD is a key ingredient in some cannabis strains and is considered the medicinal part of the plant that gives you relief from your ailment. Now that we have established this fact, you should also know that they are named differently if you are looking for a good CBD flower. ‘Flower’ is used when someone refers to high-quality marijuana leaves and flowers. It can also be referred to as buds or trichomes in other countries.

CBD is known for its calming properties, which makes it the perfect choice for anxiety or depression, which is why most people use the oil.

The second thing to look at is medical claims. If you’re looking to treat a specific ailment, you want to research the strains a company sells to determine how effective they are in terms of treating it.


It’s always a good idea to do some research online before you purchase your CBD flower. Look at reviews of the different companies and see what other people are saying about each brand. If you want to ensure that you get the best quality product, make sure it is lab tested and the third party verified. It would help if you also searched for blogs about CBD flowers to see what other people have written about their experiences with it and each specific company.

Be sure that the flower has been tested. Nowadays, there is a popular saying on the Internet that “the CBD flower is not what it was.” This is related to the fact that some flowers are not tested before sales. Therefore, choose a company that tests its products. In addition, the planting area of each batch can also be a factor in deciding to buy or not buy. Although some people think that non-standard flowers are from different countries, this does not mean that it is true. This is because different farms can also grow the plant in the same area. Therefore, it should be noted that if the price is too cheap, it is possible that the quality of the product is not guaranteed.


The next thing to look at is the potency of the CBD in each strain. CBD and THC in flowers are regulated individually, depending on the state. In California, for example, there is no limit for THC levels, and it’s legal to sell flowers with extremely high amounts of THC (25-35%). In states like New York and Colorado, there are specific limits to THC allowed in a strain or mix. CBD is regulated individually across all states but ranges from 0.1% – 5%. For a beginner, it’s best to be moderate with your dosage and start with a strain under 5% CBD and only trace amounts of THC (0.1%).

Plants grown indoors have higher concentrations of CBD because they’re optimized to produce larger plants with more flowers, whereas outdoor plants are bred to be thick and sturdier. Most indoor-grown CBD flowers have a CBD concentration over 15%, much higher than their outdoor counterparts. If you’re looking for an effective treatment for anxiety or depression, you’ll want to shop for flowers with high concentrations of CBD (15-20%+). Always check the labels because the level of cannabidiol can vary from time to time.

Bonus point: Dabbing is an essential part of any cannabis concentrate and legal weed experience. However, there are some major differences between using a solvent-based extract and a CBD flower.The right dab rig can make a world of difference to your health and safety, as well as your initial high THC level. Dab rig starter kits can be used for other purposes besides smoking cannabis concentrates. They can be used to smoke herbs as well as tobacco products. However, if you are reading this article, we assume that you are most interested in buying a dab rig to smoke essential oils, waxes or dabs.

Research the Company

Always do your research on the company you decide to purchase your CBD flower from. If you are ordering online, make sure they have a good reputation and deliver what they promise. You can use the Internet or ask people you know who have used CBD products before.

Consider pricing. Good CBD flower is usually not cheap. The reason is that the CBD flower is a special product that requires a lot of work and many hands to process, so the price will naturally be higher than that of the other hemp products.

Additionally, since each batch of THC and CBD content is different, it depends on the quality of the original hemp material. This is a factor that the manufacturer cannot control. Therefore, the prices of different brands of CBD flowers can be significantly different from each other.

Therefore, when you choose CBD flower as your purchase, remember to look at the brand’s reputation. Choose a brand that is well trusted by consumers and also offers quality products at reasonable prices.

Take a look at the shipping policies.

Find out whether the company offers free delivery or not. This can help you save money as you do not have to bear additional costs for getting your product delivered to your home. Always go for a company that provides quick shipping services not to have to wait for long to get your product in hand. Make sure you have checked reviews about the company and their products on sites like Facebook and Instagram so that you can be sure about their services and products.

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