Top 5 Businesses to Start in 2022

From Music to Monogramming: The Best Businesses to Start in 2022 – There’s a pretty good chance you’ll consider starting your own business at some point, and we understand—the numbers support it. In 2019, the rate of entrepreneurship was at 43%—a full two points above the national average. In a world where “do what you love” and “follow your passion” are common mantras, it’s not surprising that people would want to leap into entrepreneurship. But with so many options out there, it can be challenging to determine where you should put your entrepreneurial efforts.

Fortunately, the team at Dediseedbox already did the hard work for you. They took a good look around and found some of the most profitable business ideas—and they even narrowed down the list a bit further to focus on some of the best businesses to start in 2022.

Signature in Design

To be honest,it’s not the best time to start a new business. There is a lot of competition out there. It’s never been more difficult to stand out. But if you are a great designer—or even have a knack for the creative side of the business—we recommend you turn that talent into a signature in design.

There’s no question that many people out there would pay big bucks for a great logo or another design element. And if you’ve got the chops to deliver, it can be an extremely lucrative niche.

The possibilities here are unlimited:

  • You can become a logo designer who works with small businesses (and local organizations) to create professional, unique branding and marketing materials.
  • You can also offer your services to individual customers who have branding needs or even need some help sprucing up their social media images. You can also create graphics for websites, packaging and all kinds of other things.
  • The world is your oyster when it comes to finding clients and getting yourself out there. Start by putting together a portfolio that showcases your best work. Then advertise it on social media and other online sources.

Virtual Assistant

If you’re looking to grow your business, here’s another idea to consider. Virtual assistants are virtual professionals who help business owners and individuals keep track of daily activities and responsibilities. For example, they can handle tasks such as scheduling appointments, making travel arrangements, answering emails and more. It’s a large market. According to one study, the virtual assistance industry will reach $70 billion by 2025.

Personal Concierge and Lifestyle Management Services

Personal concierge services can be worth their weight in gold to some busy, time-starved people. Some of the most popular services include grocery delivery, hair salon appointments and house cleaning. Some services will help you shop for clothes that match the season, help you find a gift to buy that special someone or even help with booking a trip.

If you love to go shopping but hate to go out to the mall, there are shopping concierges who can shop for you and ship items right to your door. They can even put together outfits that match your style. If you’re interested in launching your concierge business, it’s crucial to have a great website with an online presence that clients can access easily. Make sure your website is linked to your social media platforms so clients can connect with you on social media for referrals and reviews.

Mobile or Online Delivery Service for Groceries or Home Goods

You’ve probably heard of Amazon Fresh or Blue Apron, both of which offer a food delivery service. The concept is simple: if you order groceries online, they’ll show up at your door (or your office). Other companies try to do the same thing with other products, like home goods rather than food.

Creating a mobile or online delivery service for groceries or home goods is fairly easy. You can start small and provide delivery for one neighbourhood, and over time expand to several neighbourhoods or several cities.

Hosting, domain, and VPS reseller Business

Businesses that resell web hosting services have the opportunity to build a powerful business that can be automated and outsourced. Whether you have a website or not, you can sell services to clients who do and make money off of recurring revenue each month. A web host company like Seedbox does the heavy lifting, so you don’t have a website to make money in this niche. The best part is that you can start scaling your business and getting those revenues flowing in once you get started.

Bonus point: Hosting, domain, and VPS reseller is a win-win situation for the brand and the customer. The entrepreneur buys the products from various hosting companies at deep discounts (at times up to 50%) and then resells them to customers at a markup. But there is a caveat: for this to work; you need to be an expert in server management and security.

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