8 Easy Tips To Keep Your Office Clean And Organized

As an employee, you spend most of your weekdays in your workplace. As a place filled with paperwork, documents, and other office supplies, it’s normal to have messy and cluttered offices at times. Such disarray may distract you from working, though, and you might end up not finding what you need.

An organized and clean office is a pleasant space to work in and may help boost your efficiency. To maintain this, general cleaning might be your first option to do. As this is a tedious task, you may need to hire professional cleaners like those from Cleaning Services Colorado Springs to do the job.

However, there are other ways you can do to keep your workspace clean. Check out these eight tips to help you maintain cleanliness in your office.

1. Get Rid Of Unused Items

Most office supplies are only useful for a while. These may include an old stapler where staple wires often get stuck or a computer monitor that breaks down almost every day. Get rid of office items that already don’t serve their purpose. By doing so, the rooms are kept clean and more spaces are freed up.

In addition, search through your documents before you file them. Chances are, there are old papers that have already been dealt with, which you just forgot to shred or recycle. There’s no need to keep everything, especially if they’re no longer needed. Keep only those files that are still relevant to your work and get rid of the rest.

2. Install a File Cabinet

A file cabinet is one of the must-haves in an office. It provides you with more space to store files. A cabinet also helps you keep paperwork vertically arranged instead of scattered on your desk or table. If you have a well-organized file system, you’ll instantly know where the documents are when the need arises.

Install a file cabinet at least two feet away from your table so your computer screen and immediate sight won’t be blocked. You may even avail of cabinets with wheels, which you can freely move around so you can access your folders easily at all times.

When storing files, avoid placing different documents in the same compartment. It would be best to arrange or categorize them accordingly by subject matter, year, or month. Ensure the labels are visible, so it’s easy for you to spot them.

3. Use a Paper Tray

Don’t just pile drafts and letters on your table or desk; put them in a paper tray. As most paper trays come in three or four tiers, they can hold a lot of papers. Plus, a paper tray has a flat surface that you’ll practically need when sorting out your paperwork.

You can place all the papers you need to process on the first layer, like letters, documents, and other files. Leave the second tray for outgoing documents, such as invoices and receipts. Use the third tier for papers that are already processed. The fourth one is where you’ll put the paperwork ready to be sent out.

This technique will make your work easier and faster. You’ll never lose track of what you need to do next because you won’t have to search every inch of your table for finished tasks.

4. Organize Your Cable Wires

Cable wires can be a huge mess. They get in the way and make your office look like a complete disaster. Invest in a wire basket or bin to keep them neat and organized.

In using wire baskets, you have to be more creative on how you’re going to place the wire from the outlet at the back of your computer screen toward the power strip. This idea can make your cable wires invisible while creating the illusion of a wireless workplace.

Alternatively, you can braid them to make them appear less chaotic. Remember, cable wires can be distracting and dangerous when they’re all over the place. Segregating them will keep your mind focused on your work.

5. Go Paperless

We now live in modern times where people are more open to technology. That’s why you might want to consider going paperless in your office. There are various software and mobile apps to organize your work and eliminate the need for paper in your office, except for some that require hard copies.

For instance, you can use a calendar app to keep track of your appointments and events. You can also send reminders through email or text messaging and use online file storage to save your documents. This method saves paper, time, and space.

A paperless office means less clutter and mess as well. As a result, it gives you a cleaner and healthier environment to work in and boosts employee productivity at the same time.

6. Change Your Trash Bags Regularly

The trash bin may be an eyesore for some, but it must be endured if you want a clean office. Your task is always to have separate trash bags for different things to avoid confusion. Some prefer color-coding their trash bags.

For example, you can use a blue bin for recyclable paper and a green one for food wrappers. This way, you won’t find yourself struggling to look for a trash bag at the right time and get confused by colors than actual trash types.

Placing a box of trash bags near your table will save you the trouble of going on a hunt for one. You’ll never have to look around the office for extra trash bags because you already have them ready at all times.

You can also use a cabinet with open shelves to hold your trash bin and bag at once. This way, you won’t forget to replace the old with new ones when it fills up.

7. Add Decorations

Aside from organizing, you can also make your office look presentable by adding decorations. Get a clock, place some plants, hang a few paintings or group photos, and even put furniture like a sofa to make your office feel homey. These things will make the room more alive and cheerful.

Like any home improvement, adding some personal touches in your office will make the place look fresh. Just ensure not to decorate too much to avoid creating visual clutter.

Having a decorative element is an excellent way to add ambiance and mood to your office. You’ll find yourself working more productively and more relaxed. This will bring out your creativity while giving your workplace a fresh atmosphere.

8. Disinfect Your Workplace

You may not see them, but germs could be everywhere in your office. You can reduce this occurrence by disinfecting your workplace regularly.

You may spray disinfectant on the surfaces around your desk, then wipe them with a paper towel or rag. You may also spray the disinfectant in the air to give you an extra layer of protection against germs. 


As your office might be your second home, it’s essential that you keep it tidy and organized for your peace of mind. Take note of these tips so you can work happily in a clean environment. With a clutter-free and sanitary workspace, you can focus on work and accomplish more in a shorter time.

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