7 Ways To Boost Your Employees Productivity In The Workplace

A true business owner knows that the most important asset in their company, whether big or small, is no other than its employees. While your business partners and customers bring money into your business, it’s your workers that make sales happen and, eventually, boost your firm’s financial profit and brand name.  

However, your team members can only be considered as assets if they’re working with high productivity and provide notable results. Otherwise, an employee who’s not motivated to work to their best ability can also be considered a liability. 

Hence, as an entrepreneur, it’s your charge to ensure that your employees remain happy and contented under your management. A team of happy employees can equate to a more productive and motivated set of personnel. 

Having a set of productive employees isn’t always about hiring the best people for your company though. Instead, it’s more on implementing some habit changes and workplace improvements that’ll boost the productivity level of your people.  

For your guide, here are seven ways you can boost your employees’ productivity in the workplace.  

  1. Improve Workplace Conditions 

You feel more relaxed and sleepier at home if your bedroom is sleep-conducive that features a well-ventilated room and well-organized bedroom furniture. The same thing applies to your employees. A workplace that is more work-conducive will more likely boost their productivity.  

So, take time to look around their current workplace and see if you can make any improvements that would elevate their productivity. As an example, you can invest in new office fit outs if you think their old office has turned a bit crowded or small, especially if your staff is continuously growing or you’ve recently added more desks and other office equipment.  

Improve Workplace conditions

Furthermore, ask your employees and see if they find the room temperature too hot or too cold for their liking. An office that’s too hot or cold for them could disrupt them from their tasks, reduce their concentration, and lead them to waste time searching for mini desk fans or extra coats. So, make sure the office heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is functional all year round.  

  1. Provide The Right Tools and Equipment 

Besides the workplace conditions, the tools and equipment they have can also affect their productivity. Regardless of whether you’ve hired the most hardworking employees out there, their skills and abilities will still be put to waste if you don’t give them the right resources to pull off their tasks. So, every now and then, make sure to check in with your employees and see if there are tools that need repair, maintenance, or replacement. 

For instance, if most of your employees are using outdated computers or printers that always break down in the middle of their work, you can expect that most of them will submit late reports and subpar outputs. Meanwhile, if you can provide them with the latest pieces of equipment, you can guarantee that they can produce any output on time without compromising on quality.  

  1. Reduce Distractions 

Despite giving your employees the best office setup, complete office tools, or the like, sometimes their level of productivity can still be affected due to existing distractions in the work area. So, assess their working environment and see which factors are distracting your employees from completing their tasks.  

One of the most common productivity killers among employees is the use of social media. If possible, you could implement a no-phone policy during working hours. Yet make sure to give them an allowance by permitting them to use their phones during lunch breaks, afternoon breaks, or if they have a personal and urgent call or message to attend to.  

Aside from social media or mobile phones, noise can also be a huge distraction in the workplace. Noise can come from various sources such as the noise of the television (TV), office mates chitchatting, the sound of the HVAC, or heavy vehicular traffic outdoors. 

Find ways to minimize or eliminate these noises such as checking the HVAC system to ensure it doesn’t make any sound, posting a ‘Keep Quiet’ signage to minimize time-consuming tete-a-tete, or keeping the office TV low volume or turning it off. The less distraction, the more productive your employees will be.  

  1. Keep Them Comfortable 

One way to keep your team members happy and more motivated to work is by keeping them comfortable during their shifts. The type of comfort you can provide depends on the kind of job they do. 

Few specialized businesses like Up Down Desk provides alternatives on desks that promotes good ergonomics.

For example, if your company is office-based, you can give comfort by investing in ergonomic office chairs and tables that’ll support their back, neck, and shoulders while they’re working for 8-9 hours a day. 

Meanwhile, if you have a factory business, make your factory workers comfortable by keeping the place clean, tidy, spacious, and well-ventilated. This way, they won’t feel like they’re being confined in a close and dimmed working area.

  1. Delegate Tasks 

Another way to boost your employees’ productivity is by delegating them more tasks. Giving them more responsibilities could improve their job satisfaction and morale. Further, being exposed to more tasks offers them an opportunity to learn new skills, gain leadership experiences, and give them a sense of fulfillment. 

Once they feel like they’re gaining something from your company, the more motivated they are to find direction for their own careers through the responsibilities and challenges you provide to them. 

  1. Set Realistic Goals 

A common mistake for most business owners and managers is that they often fail to give clear and realistic goals to their staff members. An example would constantly be reminding them to increase their sales every month, yet not giving them a specific number or figure as their target. As a result, they end up working on the same business pattern without direction or end in mind.  

As much as possible, provide clear goals for your employees by giving them specific instructions or numbers they can use as reference. If you wish to increase your sales by 20%, tell them the exact figure you’re expecting by the end of the sales period. With clear and realistic objectives, you’re giving them the motivation to stay productive.  

  1. Provide Rewards And Other Positive Reinforcement 

Perhaps one of the most useful ways to improve your employees’ productivity is by giving rewards. Giving monthly or annual rewards will make them feel noticed and recognized, further increasing their morale and inspiration to stay on top of their performance. 

Aside from rewards, you can also offer them incentives like free holidays or posting their names on the company bulletin board as recognition for their hard work. The other employees who could see the top performers being recognized will also be motivated to do well in order to experience the same.  


Whether new or seasoned, all employees have the potential to become their most productive and efficient selves with the right support from company managers and owners. Try out the above-mentioned tips and watch how your employees react to the positive changes in their working environment.  

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