A Guide to Buying Commercial Freezers and Refrigerators

The invention of freezers and refrigerators completely changed the game when it came to food storage and consumption. Restaurants, grocery stores, and any other business in the food industry are highly dependent on the efficiency of a quality freezer and a refrigerator to preserve the food. Factors to consider before you purchase a freezer and refrigerator for commercial purposes include:

Check on the Size

Size is a critical aspect as it depends on your storage space. The available space in your facility to place the freezer or the fridge will highly influence the size you will go for. You do not want something that takes so much space blocking the way for other utilities that you need. Under-counter freezers and refrigerators save on space since they can be placed under counters. Also, you have to consider the amount of food that will be going in there, which will also factor in which size to buy.

The Type and Number of Doors

Fridges and freezers come with different types and numbers of doors that contribute to the freezer’s efficiency. You will need to know several things to guide you in the process. Swing doors can stay open, allowing you to remove and pack items on the shelves easily. Half doors are more like swing doors but split into two-so, you can operate from one door at a time, saving on energy. Slide open doors are suitable for small spaces because you do not have to swing the doors, blocking movement.

Energy Consumption

Commercial freezers and fridges consume a lot of energy due to their high-volume use.  Therefore, expect your electricity bill to be high. However, you can research appliances that do not consume so much energy and purchase them. The initial cost will probably be high, but it saves you on the cost of electricity in the long run.

Features of the Appliances

Find an appliance whose features will make things easier for you. Freezers and fridges with removable gaskets make cleaning any stains and food residue easier. Roll-in freezers have ample storage, meaning you can store more food for extended periods. Pass-through refrigerators and freezers are accessible from both sides of the appliance, making them suitable for big establishments like schools and healthcare facilities. Some models have a digital thermostat allowing you to monitor the temperature and maintain an optimal condition for the food.

Research on Different Suppliers

You need to research different brands, the make, and the model.  Go for reputable manufactures like habco, who produce commercial freezers and fridges of great quality. You do not want something that will keep breaking down, and you have to keep calling a maintenance specialist. Also, a breakdown in either of these appliances means that your food is likely to spoil, leading to a loss. Check on the warranty before you purchase an appliance. An extended period warranty guarantees you that the appliance will serve you long without needing any repair or replacement.

When it comes to commercial freezers and refrigerators, people have different needs depending on their business. Do thorough research and get something that will last you a long time and give you value for your money.  Also, ensure that you properly maintain your fridge or freezer by following the manual guidelines.

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