Dog Supplements Anxiety Relief – Can CBD Help?

Anxiety in dogs is common, as many things can trigger this unwanted behavior. These usually happen suddenly, like fireworks, noise from the street, or thunder. In some cases, the reason may be a particular situation, such as being separated from the owner or a change your pup wasn’t ready for (arrival of a baby or new pet, moving, etc.).

The initial step toward healing your anxious pet is to identify triggers of this condition. But, you will need some help, especially if the anxiety is followed by other behavioral issues like destruction, aggression, etc. Seeing a vet is a must, but you don’t always have to give medications to your dog. Instead, rely on natural solutions like CBD.

Find the Cause

Many things can be the root causes of anxiety in your pet: disease, separation, or some traumatic incident from the past. You might have a hard time trying to identify these, as your pup can’t tell you the reason. So you have to monitor their behavior and reactions in certain situations.

When the root causes are identified, it is possible to develop an effective treatment plan to help remedy the problem. Whenever you can, make sure that your dog is not exposed to stressful situations regularly. If your pup is scared of the crowd or noise, just avoid spaces where your pet would feel threatened and anxious.

But what if the trigger of your pup’s odd behavior is your newborn or moving? The animal must slowly get used to such situations. Give your pet enough attention and love, and along the way, CBD oil. A few drops every day will help him relax and cheer up, so he can spend quality time with you.

How CBD Can Help

It is widely believed that CBD actually makes your dog high. But the truth is that this hemp derivative has no psychoactive properties at all. It doesn’t act directly on brain cells but on receptors that are connected to nerve tissues. These belong to the ECS, a system that drives all the functions in the dog’s body – among others, anxiety response.

CBD manages your pup’s reaction to stress and fear by affecting the level of serotonin in their brains. This chemical is known as a driver of a good mood. After getting a dose of CBD, the dog’s body will secrete enough serotonin to improve their mood, release tension in their muscles, and mildly sedate them. Your pup will be calm and relaxed but with enough energy to remain playful and joyful.

Studies have shown that CBD can help relieve physical symptoms associated with dog anxiety and stress. For example, it reduces pain resulting from an injury or disease. Animals can’t stand the pain, but they can’t tell you how they feel. That’s why they become upset, sad, or aggressive.

Administration and Dosage

Many vets have started recommending CBD for dogs as a natural alternative to prescription medications. Antidepressants and sedatives can cause an adverse reaction in your canine. But, since CBD is natural, it is very safe for dogs, and there have been no reported problems associated with it. 

Using CBD oil for anxious dogs is simple. You can give them a small dose once or twice per day. Risks related to this natural remedy are minimal, but you have to consult your vet first. They will advise you on the correct dosage of CBD. As seen in this source, the dosage depends on many factors.

Always have a bottle of dog CBD oil if you notice that your pet displays signs of panic. By giving them this remedy orally, dogs can feel instant relief and calm. But if they are distracted and aggressive, putting a dropper in their mouth can only worsen things. Instead, try to bribe your pet with a favorite treat poured with CBD oil.

Handy Tips to Handle Anxious Pup

Watching a dog that is in constant fear and stress is not a pleasant sight. No matter how hard you try to help your dog, sometimes it is impossible without medication. CBD oils can help, but only if you give them under the supervision of a veterinarian. This remedy is all-natural and has many additional healing properties, but that doesn’t mean you can give it to your pet in unlimited quantities.

It would be a great idea to start socializing your dog from puppy age. That way, you can teach them how to handle other humans and animals without attacking them. Be especially careful when it comes to kids, as some of their reactions often inadvertently upset the dog.

The last tip that you should remember is to never punish anxious dogs for being naughty. They would never understand why they are being punished. The punishment won’t solve the problem; in fact, it would make things even worse, as your pup would be afraid of you and not feel safe even with you around.

Check the website for more tips on helping your anxious pet:

Whatever is bothering your pet, it’s certainly not pleasant to watch them lie sadly or destroy things. Natural remedies can help your pup keep mental stability, even when reactions to stress and fear are sudden. Get CBD oil and always have it with you. Even though your pet doesn’t need to calm down, this supplement can bring many other health benefits.

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