5 Ideas For Packaging Health And Wellness Products

Remember your last purchase of health and wellness products, such as natural and organic products? Why did you choose those products or brands? Is it based on packaging designs? 

When consumers purchase a product, the most significant factor they consider before deciding which one to choose is the packaging. Even if the two products offer the same benefits at the same price, consumers will most likely pick the more appealing and attractive one. It could be because of its color blends, designs, containers, and more.  

However, planning a packaging design isn’t easy. If you’re planning to start a supplement company, there are many important factors you need to consider to create the packaging that will outshine your competitors, such as the type of designs and packaging containers.  

Also, now that there are tons of health and wellness products in the market, the packaging techniques you’ll incorporate into your brand will be crucial to your success. Without further ado, here are the excellent packaging ideas that will help your health and wellness products succeed over others:

  1. Sustainable Packaging Container

Nowadays, many consumers want to take part in helping mother nature even in their own simple ways. That’s why there’s enormous support given to manufacturers with eco-friendly practices. Why? Because people are becoming more aware of the amount of waste they consume and the business that create them.  

The best way to introduce the idea is by making your packaging eco-friendly and sustainable. Since you’re promoting health and wellness products, you want your target market to see that you’re not only promoting human health, but also environmental wellness.  

Also, there are tons of sustainable food packaging online. All you need to do is check their vision and see if they’re faithful to their vocation of providing safe packaging for the environment.  

  1. Minimalist Packaging

Do you believe in the saying less is more? That’s the basis of minimalist design. The main goal of minimalist design is to keep everything simple as much as possible, from choosing a color scheme, plain typography, and the use of free space.  

Minimalist design is also a good practice because it’s not irritating to the eye. That’s why most people find it more attractive compared to other styles. So, how would you incorporate minimalism in your packaging?  

For a successful minimalist packaging, you may start by focusing on your logo. However, your logo should be simple to make it stand out on a plain background. The next important step you need to do is choosing the color. 

When choosing the right color, it would be best to apply monochromatic color schemes. If you can’t decide what color to pick, you may start with white. In designs, white is a symbol of purity and positivity. Also, it can easily blend with other colors. That’s why it’s a safer choice if you don’t have a color in mind.  

  1. Old World Packaging 

Everyone wants to take a look and imagine themselves going back in time. Therefore, one of the best ways to catch every consumer’s attention is by making them feel that they can go back in time. So, what you can do is incorporate the charms of the old times and make them flow in your healthy products, especially cacao-based products.  

To achieve successful vintage packaging, you may start by selecting the right colors. Vintage colors are usually cream white, velvet red, chocolate brown, and black. These colors are the most commonly used to express the past, but you can still use your own. Color is just one aspect of achieving a perfect vintage look.  

The next thing you would need to consider is the typography. People quickly realize vintage designs because of their old-fashioned lettering system, which could make up almost 40 percent of the packaging details. If you don’t know which typography to choose, you may try experimenting with fonts, such as euphoria, hemera, and whiskey.  

  1. Gradient Color Designs

Need to add more depth to your packaging? Then, you might need to adjust the packaging’s color gradients.  

Gradients are one way to add life to the design. It can make every consumer feel that they can touch the product itself, even by just looking at the color of the packaging. Also, it can make your products look elegant and natural by adjusting shades that often result in something unique.  

When choosing a color, you want to make sure it looks well-designed and balanced. So, select colors that have similar hues and shades. For example, if your products are healthy and artisanal chocolate products, you may opt for colors fading from light brown to dark brown.  

You may also select colors based on color theory, such as complementary, analogous, and triadic. Then, you may experiment with which color gradients will match your product perfectly and the message you want to convey.  

  1. Textured Packaging

The texture is one of the best ways to entice consumers into trying your product. This packaging design takes advantage of human perception, specifically the sense of touch. In packaging, what people feel is more important than what they see.  

The trick of textured packaging is to lure consumers by taking advantage of their subconscious minds. You want to make them feel familiar with the product even if it’s their first time to see it, let alone try it. At this point, it’s their subconscious mind that works for them. That’s why textured packaging is effective for most people.  

Here are some sample ideas of incorporating texture into your packaging designs: 

  • Wrap them in corrugated paper
  • Imitate the crumpled paper
  • Emboss polka dots
  • Carve out your logo and brand name

However, it’s one of the most expensive packaging techniques. This is why it’s often used with expensive brands and specialty goods. 

Final Words

With the above packaging ideas, you must have gotten an idea about the designs that would look perfect for your health and wellness products. Each packaging idea is capable of making your products shine brighter than others. However, it will only be possible if you’re able to incorporate every detail and factor properly. These factors are color, spaces, typography, and packaging container.  

Also, when creating a design, you should never forget the main purpose of the packaging, to convey your final message to consumers. This will help you stay on the path in creating the best packaging for your products.

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