5 Best Brain Training Mobile Apps

Back when the internet and digital apps didn’t exist, the crossword page in the newspaper used to be a good time pass and a brain training exercise. In the modern era, we have new and improved mediums of entertainment to keep us busy. And entertainment means different things for different people. For me, it’s watching TV shows on Spectrum internet packages. For you, it could be gaming or something else.

With all that entertainment surrounding us, a conscious effort is required to train the brain and keep it healthy. Because technology has its fair share of negative impact on mental wellbeing too you know!

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Brain Training Apps to the Rescue 

Fortunately, we can kill the negative impacts of technology with technology itself in the form of brain training apps.

These apps normally consist of games and exercises that test your mental skills. Some of these apps display graphs for tracking your improvement over time. They don’t guarantee anything but they do help improve your mental health, memory, cognitive abilities and leave a positive impact on brain health.

Let’s check these apps out:

1: Lumosity

Lumosity is a big name when it comes to brain training. It comes with a wide collection of mini-games, which you can play daily. There is also obligatory statistics tracking to show improvement. 

By going for its monthly subscription, you can unlock advanced games and features. The only downside is that it’s expensive. That’s why people prefer using Lumosity’s website for occasional brain training instead of downloading the app.

2: NeuroNation

This app can help power up your brain in memory, reaction time, and concentration. When you use the app for the first time, it conducts some strength and weakness tests for testing your brain in 4 different areas.

It saves the results and uses them as a starting point for training your brain. NeuroNation is loaded with fun exercises that feel like games rather than educational exercises. Its coolest feature is NeuroBoosters which are small exercises complemented by pictures and detailed instructions for engaging your brain and body.

3: Train Your Brain

This app is filled with plenty of interesting games for kids and adults. Some games challenge memory while others test problem solving and awareness skills.

Each game challenges you differently. The free version of Train your Brain has 10 games. To play further, you must subscribe to the premium version. Each game progressively gets more difficult than the previous one. It won’t feel as if the content is lacking.

The daily challenges will prompt you to come back every day. Plus, there is no limit to how many times you can play each game.

4: Cognito

This brain training app tests your memory, logic, and tracks how your skills have improved over time. It also pulls in health data such as the number of steps and sleeps from Apple’s Health app. 

Cognito progresses through a secret agent story and takes you around the world. The app consists of word games, logic puzzles, and memory games designed by neuroscientists. You can even invite your friends and challenge them. This goal also allows you to explore your personality with games that access your psychological traits.

5: Personal Zen

Personal Zen introduces you to 2 animated characters. One is calm and friendly while the other is a bit furious looking. This game has been developed to reduce anxiety by training the brain to focus on the positive and let go of the negative. 

This app basically trains you to look at the silver lining when things are going according to plan. By doing so, you are building resilience. Experts suggest using this app before a stressful event. If you are constantly struggling with anxiety, use Personal Zen 10 minutes a day for a lasting positive influence.

6: Happify

Ever wished to train your brain to be happier? Then download the Happify app!

By conquering negative thoughts, coping with stress, empathizing, showing gratitude, one can live a much fuller and happier life.

Happify taps into the fundamentals of positive psychology. It features polls, quizzers, and a gratitude journal. There is a positive community. Together all these app features help you learn life-changing habits. 

7: Positive Activity Jackpot

Originally, Positive Activity Jackpot was developed for service members who upon returning from the battlefield had to deal with severe PTSD. But this app can be used by anyone.

It uses AR and your phone’s GPS for finding nearby diversions and activities to help the user cope with depression. When you can’t make up your mind, the app makes the decisions on your behalf. It’s based on pleasant event scheduling, a form of CBT that creates a schedule full of fun activities to improve your mood and help overcome negative thoughts.

8: ReliefLink

The original purpose of ReliefLink was to prevent suicide but this app has proven to be great for tracking mood. It’s perfect for keeping track of your mental health. 

If you find yourself in high emotional stress all the time, ReliefLink uses a coping mechanism that includes exercises, music, and voice recordings to help the user relax. The app also includes a map that informs you of the nearest medical facilities or therapist for a mental health checkup. 

Do Brain-Training Apps Actually Work?

Now let’s see if these apps really make a difference? Science is still working to figure out if these apps live up to their claims. 

A group of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania came up with the conclusion that brain games don’t improve cognitive function or boost decision-making beyond the tasks included in the game. In other words, you just get better at playing the game. That’s all. 

Don’t be disappointed. Several studies have other conclusions. For instance, Alzheimer’s Society in London funded a search that concluded that playing games improves daily activities in people over 60 for six months. Their responsible and verbal skills improved over time.

The evidence out there is mixed. There is no harm in trying that out yourself, right? Download the app that resonates with you the most and observe how it improves your cognitive abilities and mental wellbeing.  

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