What Are Some Effective Methods to Monetize a Blog?

Becoming a blogger is worth it for two reasons. The first is that a blog works as a means to express yourself and share ideas with other people. The second reason is monetization.

If your primary goal is to profit from your blog, you will need to work hard on attracting enough readers. For that, you will need to focus on quality content, first and foremost. Then, be sure to have a proper schedule so that your readers know when they can expect the next blog post. And lastly, marketing. The more you promote the blog, the more money you can expect to make.

As for the monetization methods themselves, there are quite a few ways to consider. Look at the list below and think about what would work the best for you. And keep in mind that there is no need to limit a blog to just a single monetization method. If it works, you can use multiple monetization methods. 

Custom Merchandise

Let’s start with merchandise. You can collaborate with a supplier that will provide you with products you can sell directly on the blog or create a store on a supplier’s page and redirect your readers there. For instance, you could sell etsy custom shirts with your logo or slogan on them. 

The custom merchandise idea might seem lackluster because so many bloggers, streamers, and other online personalities are already selling t-shirts, right? Well, the fact that they are selling them means the method is worth pursuing.

The custom t-shirt market worldwide is expected to cross 10 billion dollars by 2025, which is a testament to how much you can benefit by letting your readers purchase your t-shirts.

Besides, it is not just t-shirts. Merchandise like face masks, hoodies, phone cases, calendars, or stickers could also be part of your custom product line.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links redirect readers to a landing page that usually sells goods or services. If a redirected blog reader spends their money on the landing page while the cookies are still active, you will get a commission for each sale.

Affiliate marketing is a good idea because you can include links directly in the articles or have a small banner on the right or left side of the website. So long as these links or banners do not get in the way and ruin the reader experience, you can expect to make some money from them.

Ad Networks

Overall, ad networks are not the most optimal monetization idea these days. For starters, many online users want to avoid getting bombarded with marketing banners and pop-ups, so they install an ad blocker extension on their internet browser. 

Bloggers are also reluctant to rely on ad networks because ads slow down the overall loading speed of a website. If a reader needs to wait for a page to load, or they struggle to scroll down because the blog keeps crashing or freezing due to ads, they will not bother and close the browser. 

On the other hand, a few ads here and there are not the worst idea so long as they are not disruptive to the readers.

Crowdfunding Page

Creating a Patreon page is quite common among bloggers and YouTubers. Instead of cluttering their website with advertisements, one could run a crowdfunding page and rely on fans to make money.

If your readers like the content you publish, they will encourage you to continue working on a blog by becoming your patrons. At the same time, you could incentivize them to donate even more by releasing exclusive Patreon content. For example, behind-the-scenes stuff of how you write or what is coming next.

Digital Products

There are two types of digital products you can promote on a blog – yours and other people. The question is which of these two is better.

By promoting your own e-books or webinars, you will know what potential customers are getting. In other words, you do not have to worry about quality control so long as you put enough effort into the work.

On the other hand, if you are creating digital products yourself, it means spending less time on the blog. This is where selling e-books and online courses from other authors comes in. And if you decide to advertise other people’s work, be sure to check it thoroughly. 

Sponsored Content

Bloggers are looking for opportunities to guest post on other websites with the hope of getting a do-follow backlink that will boost search engine optimization results. 

If you have enough readers, you can monetize the blog by selling sponsored content opportunities for others bloggers. In addition to making money, you will also have more content to publish.

However, do not sell out your blog and post articles from terrible writers. If you do, even the most loyal readers will likely stop visiting your website.

Sanjit Dhabekar

Sanjit Dhabekar is a passionate Digital Marketer and Blogger. He loves to explore new opportunities to rank websites and earn money online.

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