Ingenius Devices That Improve Life on Earth in Small Ways

The human mind is a clever thing, capable of discerning the orbits of planets and figuring out how to solve a Rubik’s cube in a matter of seconds.

Much of this brainpower has been used to create a plethora of products, sometimes for the main purpose of making a person lots of money and sometimes for the betterment of society.

Sometimes these devices are as simple as pie, such as a clothes hangar, and other times they have a bit of complexity to them, such as a zipper or the pulley system.

Revolutionary Solutions for Containers

The sheer diversity of containers in stores and in people’s homes is truly astonishing. This packaging is as small as medicine bottles and as large as shipping containers that go on ships that cross the oceans.

All of these containers must be sealed in some fashion. Tamper proof caps for bottles do much more than just keep an item enclosed in a bottle. They also make sure that the materials inside do not get into the wrong hands. This is especially crucial for many products:

  • Medicines
  • Chemicals
  • Cosmetics
  • Powders
  • Liquids
  • Gels

If some of these materials were to get in the wrong hands, they could harm the health of children, the elderly and pets. These handy innovations are inexpensive yet improve society on a daily level.

Food Storage Innovations

Wasting food costs a person money and is detrimental to the environment. Society has tried many solutions for this problem, with varying degrees of success.

Plastic bags work pretty well, but they tend to get thrown out so a person can go through a lot of them. Here is a shout-out for Tupperware food storage containers.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and as a bonus, they come in many pretty colors. Best of all, though, they keep food fresh for a length of time and they can be cleaned and reused again, thus saving resources. 

Smart Food Preparation Gadgets

Anyone who has tried to take pits out of cherries knows that this is a messy, slow procedure. However, the cherry pitter, invented in the 1920s by David Ferguson, made this job much easier, to the relief of thousands.

While this device was not quite as revolutionary as sliced bread, it did have an impact in its own small way. A garlic press or crusher also made food preparation easier (and tastier). These are just two ways food preparation has been improved over the years.

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