7 Benefits of Monitoring Employees Online Actions


With the increase in insider threats at companies, monitoring employees is a growing practice these days.

Advanced employee monitoring solutions support corporations to track the productivity and working ability of their employees. In addition, they help in minimizing conventional ways of administrative work and enhance individuals’ potency. 

This blog article will explore the importance and benefits of employee monitoring tools and some practical ways of using them in detail. 

What is Employee Monitoring?

Employee monitoring is a common practice where businesses use digital instruments and tools to trace workers’ performance and productivity.

Furthermore, it highlights strong, productive, and dedicated employees that are beneficial for your company. 

Is It Right to Monitor Employees?

Well, Yes! 

Employee monitoring is right and legal in the US and other countries.

As employers lack to know about their workforce. Therefore, employee monitoring software helps them recognize who does not induce sufficient effort and output. 

Employees need to be tracked not because of any negative assessment but to make them more productive and enhance their workability. 

Employee tracking software helps businesses to boost productivity, preserve confidential information, prevent cybersecurity cases, and identify employees and staff suspicious behavior. Yet, when someone talks about staff monitoring, employers usually wave their heads confidently in support, and employees go silent. Monitoring is somehow a very dense topic. For companies, it means improving employee productivity. But, in contrast to employees, it most likely drives distrust, increases in stress and irritation. But, employers often fail to address the benefits of an employee monitoring system to their workers.

Another solution for managing your team’s mobile phone activity is using hidden spy apps for Android that help managers view and control the company-owned devices remotely.

Some Reasons for Using Employee Tracking Software?

The act of surveillance of your employees is known as employee monitoring. Various security reasons are prevailing the use of employee tracking instruments; some of them are:

  • Prevents company assets and credentials.
  • Prevents informational technology threats.
  • Boost business productivity.
  • Prevents cyber-related issues and many more.

Facts and Stats about Employee Monitoring:

Employees may waste their working hours playing digital games, surfing the internet, or viewing adult content. Companies suffer a lot because of the negligent behavior of their employees; that’s why employers use the employee tracking software to track the online and remote activities of their employees. Further, you can track employees’ phones with an employee tracker.

 Research shows that:

  • Nearly 64% of employees are wasting working hours and using the internet for private tasks.
  • Around 25% of corporate internet usage indicates that the search history is not related to work.
  • Employees execute 48% security breaches at big companies.

A survey by Privacy Policies shows that approximately 78% of employers monitor their employees with digital monitoring tools. 

7 Benefits of Monitoring Employees:

A practical employee monitoring tool can have significant benefits for employees and employers. First, this software helps employees manage their tasks without a supervisor constantly standing over their heads. 

Let’s explore 7 top benefits of employee monitoring:

  1. Avoid Security Alerts:

Legal security, IT security, and employee security are the top security concerns of a business. 

When it comes to preventing digital frauds, invoice vendor frauds and protecting against malware, your best choice would be to secure your business. That means you should monitor employee behavior. 

It would be helpful to protect your business from prosecutions resulting in employees obtaining unauthorized sites or conducting any illegal behavior within your company. 

You can avoid security threats and risks, including cybercrimes, harassment, bullying, and many others.

  1. Protect Unauthorized Access:

Employee monitoring lets you know which person is accessing which site. Likewise, Is it related to their work? Or used maliciously or accidentally?

You can monitor your company’s staff by checking when and why a user accesses the company’s credentials. This sort of information allows employers to inspect the reason carefully.

Managers can make their company secure and safe by constantly checking their threats both inside and out. 

  1. Reallocate Resources:

Employers can easily identify the productivity of their reallocated resources; for example, they can find how much time and resources are required to fulfil a single task. 

This record of resources helps managers figure out where resources can be better used and what tasks should stay at priority. 

Employee monitoring permits an employer to determine the adequate amount of time per task. 

  1. Staff can Evaluate Their Productivity: 

Sometimes, employees wonder when they are more creative and productive at work or how they can make their productivity higher.

The employees’ productivity record helps them grow, analyze and evaluate their productivity through an employee monitoring app. For instance, a task assigned to you should take 3 hours, but if it took 5 hours, the employee monitoring system would help you identify your failings and weak points. 

If you are more constructive in the morning, then plan to conquer your assigned tasks for the morning. This way, you can be more productive, and you will cover most of your work quickly. 

  1. Fix Your Errors As Soon As Possible:

Errors and mistakes are not intentional, and even senior workers can make mistakes. For example, sometimes the staff can misinterpret the instructions given by the manager and continue work accordingly. However, if the manager does not monitor the worker’s ongoing activity, he will not be able to identify the mistake, and all the effort will go in vain. 

Employee tracking software permits the manager to highlight the negative points and resolve them as soon as possible. 

  1. Clear and Transparent Management:

Every administrator makes sure that his team keeps working hard and proceeds to obtain their goals and objectives adequately. They want to have a team that is well synchronized and engaged while working on everyday tasks. 

With the help of employee monitoring tools, the manager can quickly find if employees are having difficulty completing a task and help promptly remove that obstacle. Furthermore, employee monitoring is highly useful when it comes to monitoring remote employees and working status. 

  1. Employees Receive Effective Feedback from the Managers:

Employers can now view the performance of employees and give them instant feedback. Tracking employees can help managers to discuss effective methods for improvement. Managers can directly show some tangible examples for improving employees’ current performances through employee monitoring hacks. 

How To Start Employee Monitoring Effectively?

If you’re an employer and want to trace the activities of your employees. You must adopt an employee monitoring app to provide you easy access to your company-owned mobile phones and other devices. You can track employees’ phones by an employee tracker. 

If you want to start tracking your employees, purchase a price plan of your favorite spy app, register yourself now and Sign up.


Employee tracking tools are undoubtedly the best way to keep a record of the work force, especially remote employees. The tracker app lets you track the activity details of the target user through an online control panel. The primary function of employee monitoring hack is to make a firm more strong, transparent, and highly productive. 

Furthermore, you can use hidden spy apps to track employees’ phones and other company-owned devices for monitoring your staff and employees.

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