5 Recommendations For Writing A Good Resume

When creating a resume, you have to bear in mind that you need to generate interest and stand out from other candidates or applicants. The objective is not that the employer knows you in-depth through your resume, but you need to draw attention to your resume so that employers want to know more about you and decide to meet you for a job interview where you will finish playing all your cards. Below are five recommendations for writing a good resume.

1. Simplicity, clarity, and conciseness

The most effective resumes are those that are simple, clear, and concise. At a glance, the employer must know what you can contribute to the company. You have to put the most relevant information in the most prominent places on your resume so that it is the first thing they see when they pick up the sheet of paper or open the digital document. You can also play with the size of the font to make the highlights to your professional experience related to the position.

2. Use of new formats and infographics

In some sectors, innovation is the key, especially related to more creative professions. Video resumes are increasingly being used and have a higher success rate because they allow companies to see you and hear you from the start. Likewise, infographic resumes are other new formats that are attracting more attention. If being technical is not your thing, there are quite a few free tools on the internet that will help you generate an infographic resume within a few minutes. Everything is all about attracting attention.

3. Keywords

Another trick to attract attention is to use those keywords that are popular and that characterize you as a professional. It is important to use keywords to highlight both professional skills through technicalities and personal characteristics. For example, there is no quality more valued lately than resilience. It is also good to highlight computer programs that you know.

4. Avoid unnecessary information

Nobody cares what elementary school you went to, what town you were born in, or if you were a soccer goalkeeper or rhythmic gymnast when you were little. It is important to attract attention, but you also have to select the relevant information for the position. It may be relevant if you are applying for a position as a socio-cultural animator that you indicate on your resume you were a Scout monitor. However, you would not include this, if you want to be hired as a computer scientist or physiotherapist. Only include the information that will benefit you. The rest can tire someone who may have to read hundreds of resumes that day.

5. Be adamant

Finally, you should be adamant and confidently aggressive. If you are interested in working in a company, send your resume periodically so that when there is a vacancy they will think of you. Do not wait to see the job offer, but take the initiative. If there is a vacancy and they already have your resume, they may call you before starting a selection process, and you can assert yourself. These are tips provided by Vancouver’s best resume writing service. We hope you find them helpful.

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