7 Fun Facts About Commercial Cleaning Franchise

Commercial cleaning is becoming popular globally, not because people are lazy, but due to the professional cleaners’ quality and attention to detail. Several cleaning franchises are ruling the market, but they have to up their marketing game to stay in business. Commercial cleaning may seem like a serious business, but some fun facts are associated with it, and those are below. 

  1. Professional Cleaners Cost Less than DIY

When you look at the cost upfront, you may feel that cleaning your home or office yourself is cost-effective. However, it is not the case if you have hired the right cleaning agency. People do not account for the material used, but the extent of cleaning and the time invested. Comparatively, professionals do much better job quickly and at comparatively economical rates. So it’s better to pick the latter option and let the professionals handle it. 

  1. Green Cleaning is the New Cool

The concept of green cleaning is essential for us. It simply means that the commercial companies not only clean your homes, offices, and other such places, but they also make sure that the chemicals and materials they use are environment-friendly. Therefore, green cleaning is becoming very important, and it is much better than conventional techniques. 

  1. Thousands of Commercial Cleaning Franchises

The top cleaning franchise companies own more than 20,000 franchises altogether. Twenty thousand franchises mean that these commercial cleaning services are widespread and operating in the majority of the countries in the world. These franchises play a significant role in keeping the offices and houses clean and organized. 

  1. Exponential Cleaning Business Growth

According to new research, the cleaning business is expected to grow up to 4.3% by 2022. It is a considerable fast growth percentage, and it has been hypothesized that the cleaning business will flourish rapidly in the upcoming years. 

  1. Office Cleaning Segment is Huge

The office cleaning segment is currently a significant component of the commercial cleaning business. Almost 40% of the employees in the commercial cleaning business are involved in the office cleaning sector. It is shocking but confirms that the closed office atmosphere has got a hundred times more germs and is more polluted than outside.  

  1. Cleaning Franchises Date Back to Mid 90s 

Did you know, the very first commercial cleaning service was founded in the year 1968? Jim Cavanaugh was a university student who began marketing the cleaning services locally in the town of Norman. He provided the cleaning services at night and was blessed with excellent marketing skills. 

  1. The Largest Commercial Cleaning Company

The largest commercial cleaning company in the world is Jani King. It has got 120 operating offices, 9000 franchises and is effectively running its operations in almost 10 countries.  

Professional’s cleaning experts know what they are doing and can do better than an untrained, in-house employee. Also, the cleaners are well-trained, efficient, and quick in whatever they do. So, this means that choosing a reliable commercial cleaning service will save you time and money and prevent you from many health issues.

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