3 Interesting Careers in the Field of IT

The IT industry is in a permanent state of change. Few other sectors experience the speed of advancement as does the IT sector. When technology and applications become more sophisticated, there is a need for IT professionals to use these advancements for the direct benefit of their organizations.

As such, an IT professional, more so than in many other professions, must subscribe fully to the philosophy of lifelong learning. This is a pre-requisite in the industry, as without this commitment, knowledge will quickly become outdated and outdated skills will no longer have practical applications in the workplace.

IT is a challenging industry to work in, but it is also an exceptionally rewarding one for people who are fully attuned to this line of work. Remuneration levels tend to be higher than average across a range of IT professions because of the demand for highly trained and talented staff. This article describes three interesting career paths that can be found in the IT industry.

Data Scientist

Only a few decades ago, the term “data scientist” was not widely known. Analysis of data typically took place on simple spreadsheets or databases and the insights that could be gained from this information were not particularly ground-breaking.

Today, data scientists can collate, automate, and gain insights from a wide range of sources using software, such as APIs, to allow different applications to communicate with each other.

The insights that can be gained from the effective analysis of complex data can truly be game-changing and can form a prime part of shaping the future direction and decision-making of any business. Data scientists are highly qualified professionals and tend to have an ms in data science, as this provides a thorough framework of the skills and knowledge required to undertake such a role.


There is a constant demand for highly trained and knowledgeable IT programmers in the industry. Programmers typically have an in-depth knowledge of a range of programming languages, such as JavaScript, C++, and python. These languages allow programs and applications to be built up from computer code until they become finished products.

Programmers are in especially high demand in the gaming industry where large teams will work together to build the assets, characters, and game mechanics of big-budget games that sell in millions of units around the world on the latest gaming platforms. While it is a career that demands extremely high levels of concentration and attention to detail, it enjoys high levels of remuneration, with average salaries for games programmers working for large games publishers typically reaching $94k per year. 

IT Support Technician

If you have high levels of computer literacy and are adept at rapid problem-solving with strong communication skills, you may be suitable for a career as an IT support technician. Most medium and large-sized firms will have a dedicated IT support team who will be on hand to answer IT queries from the general workforce and solve common IT issues.

The ability to give clear direction via phone or online chat while understanding that you will be dealing with staff that possess varying levels of IT competence is a vital skill. In this career, there will be a range of problems to solve, and no two days are likely to be the same, which is a plus for staff who like the idea of a varied workload. In America, a typical IT support technician can expect to earn over $40k a year. The work undertaken is vital, as it ensures the smooth functioning of an organization and is an integral part of keeping productivity levels high across the business.

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