How to Find the Right Offshoring Web Development Team for Your Project

A significant trend in the industry today is the outsourcing of web development teams. There are several reasons why it has become increasingly popular. Clients who outsource their web development projects often get better results because the team focuses on the task. This trend is most noticeable in countries with a low cost of living, such as the Philippines, India, and China.

The main reasons for this trend are the low wages and the high demand for web development services. In the Philippines, for example, the hourly wage for a web developer is only $4.17. This means that a web development team in the Philippines can earn considerable money without paying expensive overhead costs.

Philippines-based outsourcing: advantages for clients

The Outsourcing Industry Has Political Support

The Philippine Export Zones Authority (PEZA) and the Board of Investments (BOI) provide incentives as part of the government’s plans to boost outsourcing in the Philippines.

The Philippine government, which sees outsourcing as one of the nation’s economic cornerstones and significant sources of income, has recognized the sector’s potential and built a solid infrastructure to help outsourcing firms and enterprises hire an outsourced crew. 

The following are a few government and business measures to guarantee the Philippines keeps its position as a leading top outsourcing spot:

  • Collaborations with Philippine institutions to develop business process outsourcing (BPO)-specific courses to train the country’s future BPO workforce.
  • The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) has a voucher program to help pay for contact centre training.
  • Tax breaks and other incentives to encourage foreign investment.
  • Establishing a national council for technology for information and communication.

Cost savings and linguistics

Because English is one of the popular languages of the Philippines and is conducted with a light, neutral accent, Filipinos have no trouble learning new information. They are equally at ease doing front- and back-office process execution. The Philippines is ranked 592 out of 700 nations according to the 2021 English Proficiency Index (EPI) results published by Education First. Of 122 countries, the Philippines is ranked 18th in English proficiency.

Due to the cheap labour and land expenses in the Philippines, there is a considerable cost-benefit for businesses that outsource there. These costs will undoubtedly increase over time with the sector’s expansion. Still, this shift is likely to be gradual, guaranteeing that customers will continue to receive financial benefits for a while.

Time zones are not a problem.

To serve clients worldwide, web development teams in the Philippines are prepared to work shifts—even if it involves working late at night on weekends or in different time zones. The Philippines shares a time zone with Perth in Australia and follows Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane by two hours. Additionally, flexible schedules can extend business hours, especially in customer service-related fields. 

Availability of the top developers

In the Philippines, there are many skilled software developers. You can pass on more excellent prospects abroad if you do not restrict your inquiry to your local area. Various locations have different talent pools. Therefore it’s crucial to broaden your search to include those areas.


Finding a list of the top companies with exceptional success in providing outsourcing services is the first step you should take when researching the finest firms for outsourcing. Check the programmers’ secondary, postsecondary, and specialist educational backgrounds now. The degree to which developers are knowledgeable relies on their education level, particularly in the areas of computer science and mathematics, and technology. Do not forget that the developer’s skills determine if an outsourced project is successful. To ensure that the competencies meet the needs of your project, you must make a comparison.

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