How to Create a Banner for Your Marketing Campaign?

An online advertising campaign is great for advertising your business. However, it can be quite challenging to execute this strategy; people hate clicking on ads. The situation has left many business owners frustrated.

Switching to the use of a branded banner can be a game-changer for your marketing camping. If you create a banner that is irresistible, you’ll get the exposure that you deserve. But how exactly do you design a banner that will resonate with your prospects?

Here is a simple guide to making the best social media banners.

1. Start by Focusing on the Social Media Banner Size

There are several standard dimensions of banner size to choose from. But that doesn’t mean that each will suit your needs.

Below are some of the optimal sizes you should go for:

  • Large mobile banner 320 x 100
  • Large rectangle 336 x 280
  • Half-page 300 x 600
  • Leader board 728 x 90

Your choice of a banner size should be in tandem with your design and target prospects. Some advertisements are suitable for banners with more vertical space. Others are perfect on banners with horizontal space.

Find a balance between the space requirements for the best results.

2. Create a Banner With the Right Background

When it comes to the selection of backgrounds, you have two options. The solid background and the photo background. The former is good for enhancing your message as it creates a natural contrast to the white CTA background.

Go for a solid background if you don’t wish to distract your audience from the main headline. The photo background is ideal for advertising abstract products. The photo background is perfect for advertising products that require illustrations.

3. Pay Attention to How You Write the Headlines

Headlines with excess information have a disorganized appearance. These headlines don’t entice your prospects to develop curiosity in what you are trying to communicate. It’s better to say less but communicate a powerful message that will resonate with your target.

The clarity in your communication is integral to achieving this goal. Try to keep your message short, witty, and concise. You only have a split second to capture the attention of a prospect.

Don’t let that opportunity slip by including unnecessary information on a social media banner template.

4. Use the Right Tools

Before, you had to have a fat budget for the banner campaign. Right now, technological advancements have made it easier and cheaper to develop banners. You don’t even need to engage a graphic design firm in the process.

However, you still have to be keen on the software that you deploy in the creation of banners. Adobe Spark’s banner generator has all the tools for creating an effective banner. It’s a worthy consideration.

Stay Ahead of the Competition With Banner Ads

The competition in attracting clients is getting stiffer for many businesses across industries. It’s easier for businesses to reach out to prospects thanks to the rapid rise of social platforms. But capturing the attention of these prospects is a big deal; prospects have multiple firms competing for their attention at once.

Create a banner that appeals to your targets to stay ahead of the competition. You can start by implementing the above and then work different ways to streamline the marketing campaign. Browse through for more informative articles.

Sanjit Dhabekar

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