Best Small Business Ideas in India with Low Investment

In this article we will talk about the best small business ideas in India with low investment. If you found this article then it’s pretty clear that you want to start your business in India. We all know India is becoming one of the hubs of entrepreneurs.

There are always an business opportunities in multiple sectors across India due to several factors such as international trade, government schemes and skilled young generation. The small business ideas list which can guide you and motivate you to start your business in India.

Small business ideas in India

We all know, no business is big or small, easy or hard. Making any business profitable requires a lot of hard work and dedication. There is no shortcut to success.

Here is the list of small scale business ideas in India

The business ideas are sorted by

  • area
  • scale
  • industry
  • category
  • capital.

Small business ideas for rural areas in India

Rural areas like villages, small towns are best to start manufacturing or food business. Some of the business which you can start in rural areas in India are:

  • Organic plates and cup.
  • Poultry farming.
  • Coconut milk business.
  • Agricultural equipment store.
  • Fertilizers store.
  • Storage space for seeds or vegetables.
  • Grocery/Kirana store

Organic plates and cup.

Disposable plates and other items are made up of many items both natural and man-made. Out of this, natural items are best preferred as artificial items like plastics and others comes with the risk of many health hazards. Moreover, the hiring cost of glass/steel for parties is more than the cost of leaf plates along with the bowls.

That is the reason leaf dinnerware is one of the most preferred ones in comparison to the other items. This makes the business idea of leaf plate making an attractive one with a great market potentiality to be a successful business venture.

India is abundant with Sal trees. Odisha, West Bengal and Bihar are the places in India which have the maximum growth of the Sal trees. India is one of the highest growers of Sal trees in the world which gives great scope for the leaf plate manufacturing units in India to prosper.

Poultry farming.

Poultry farming is one of the best small business ideas for rural areas in India. As the population increases demand of food also increases. So poultry farming is one of the convenient businesses to start for first time business owners.

Coconut milk business.

Coconut milk business is the can selling of coconut milk. It is the white liquid that comes from grating meat of a brown coconut. Don’t confuse it with coconut water. The colour and rich taste of coconut milk is due to the high oil content. Most of the fat is saturated fat. Coconut milk is a very popular food ingredient in India, Indonesia, Malaysia. So coconut Milk Business is best Business if you want to capture the local as well as International markets.

Agricultural equipments store.

Agriculture in India is unique in its characteristics, where over 250 different crops are cultivated in its varied agro-climatic regions, unlike 25 to 30 crops grown in many of the developed nations of the world. Agriculture is one of the most important sectors of the Indian economy contributing 18.5 per cent of national income, about 15 per cent of total exports and supporting two-thirds of the work force.

The manufacture of agricultural machinery in India is quite multifaceted and comprises village artisans, tiny units, small-scale industries, State agro-industrial development corporations and organized tractor, engine and processing equipment industries.

Fertilizers store.

To start a fertilizer business you must hold a degree in the agricultural department. So that you can approach the related officers regarding fertilizer shops. In the early stages, there is no barrier to this shop. People in early stages didn’t give much importance to fertilizer. Instead, they used organic fertilizer.

Storage space for seeds or vegetables.

Silo structures follow a scientific method of storing grains, which enables bulk preservation of produce for longer periods. Government supports silo food storage business because increasing food demands increases food storage spaces.

Grocery/Kirana store

Everything is going online. In 2020, online business will overtake the tradition business. Everyone is busy with their job, and everyone tries to avoid shopping so as to get a little extra time with their family. So starting an online shop is the best startup idea in rural areas.

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