7 Best Educational Apps for Students to Supplement Distance Learning Programs

After the pandemic, the word ‘classroom’ has changed to a great extent for us. From chalk and blackboards, we have come to computers and PDFs. 

Along with the perfect school education, online education has crept into many types of studies and courses such as business studies, learning languages, learning new skills etc. Even well-known colleges and universities are offering their college courses and degrees to students especially for the students who have chosen online distance education. 

With the engrossing growth of an online form of education, more and more applications are peeping up every day advertising themselves as the best. But that is not true in actuality. We are going to let you know the best educational apps for varied purposes if you are a distance learning student and want to choose a profitable online course for yourself. 

  1. Preply 

We can not deny the virtues of Preply when it comes to learning a foreign language. This application provides personalized tutors at a reasonable price range, with gamification, quizzes, and games to make learning a bit interesting there. One more advantage with Preply is that you can book a free class from any tutor, of any language you want to learn and attend that class to check whether the teaching suits you or not. Also, with their guide, you can find the best language learning apps at Preply.

  1. Duolingo 

Along with Preply, Duolingo is also an outstanding app to learn foreign languages in a very exciting and interesting manner. It sets small goals for the students to attain and also follows an easy step-by-step procedure to teach the language. 

The greatest advantage with Duolingo is that it provides the learners with a wide range of new words to learn to make their vocabulary strong. At least for the basics level, Duolingo is simply one of the best. 

  1. NASA

The name of this app is very intriguing and that is not all. The type of things that are taught in this app, with good care, is very intriguing too. This app is the best way by which you can make your child fall in love with the knowledge of our solar system and hence, he/she might be urged to take up space science later in their life. This app teaches basic knowledge of space travel and the solar system. 

  1. Kids Academy

Kids Academy is another very popular educational app that adopts a very engaging way of teaching with the help of artificial intelligence, gamification, and other various kinds of adaptive technology. The simple gamification type of teaching encourages children to learn more effectively. Among the tools that you are talking about that this application offers, there are worksheets, puzzles, flashcards, and many more such things to increase the interest of children. However, let us inform you that this is not for toddlers but children of age 10+. 

  1. Google Classroom 

We mentioned quite a few apps where you can learn new things, but the motive of mentioning this app is a bit different. This is the best online classroom where you can attend the online lectures of your school or your college with ease. This allows students with various options such as video, chat, audio, calendar tools, etc. Also, Google Classroom will assist you to manage and create assignments. An additional advantage is that this app can integrate with any other Google apps such as Docs, Sheets, Gmail, Slides, and Hangouts. 

  1. The Human Body 

The human body is an app that teaches at all levels about human biology and anatomy. 

By a series of interactive models, students can see how exactly it looks when a lung breathes, a heart beats, etc. To make teaching so minute and precise, students can even hear the sound of gas when it passes through the digestive tract. The app is great in teaching the circulatory system, immune system, nervous system, and enzymes system of the human body. 

  1. Book Creator 

This is a different kind of educational app. With the help of this app, students will be able to create their personalized interactive short stories, and also comics. This is an app that investigates the artist in a child and encourages him/her to write something of their creative minds. In this way, they develop a stronghold in vocabulary and along with that, understands the basics of plotting a storyline. After writing, the app allows the students to share their creations with others. 

Finale Thoughts

So, these were the best 7 apps that we recommend you to use for your educational purposes. Just go through the details of them minutely and choose the one which you think suits you the best. We are sure that using any of these apps is going to be helpful for you. 

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