How to Choose The Best Earth Moving Vehicle For Your Construction Site?

Earthmoving equipment comes in many shapes and sizes. Although larger machines tend to be more expensive and offer lower initial costs per yard, the ownership costs typically rise faster. Small earth moving equipment usually has better fuel efficiency and can reach tighter spaces.  

These compact machines are mini versions of the larger ones and are more powerful. Small earth moving equipment is commonly used to construct new buildings and foundations and dig large holes for piping, cables, and other underground utilities.

Here are a few key factors to consider before buying one.

What Is Small Earth Moving Equipment?

Small earth moving equipment is used to remove and transport materials such as dirt, sand, and gravel. These vehicles are great for construction sites because they are small enough to maneuver around congested areas but large enough to carry heavy loads without tiring out.  

There are several different types of earthmoving equipment, including

  • tractors,
  • bulldozers,
  • loaders,
  • excavators,
  • scrapers and cranes.

They come in many sizes, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for when shopping around for small machinery that will be useful on your construction site.

What Size Do You Need?

Just because you can buy a large piece of equipment doesn’t mean it’s best for your project. Think about how big your job is, measured in square footage, number of cubic yards to be moved, or something else entirely. Then think about how much time you need to complete that job. If you need to move 100 square feet of soil and don’t want to spend hours moving dirt around (and creating extra work by doing so), then buying a small machine might make sense.

Check Performance Record

Considering how much work you’ll be putting into your machine, it’s essential to ensure that your vehicle has a good track record. The fact is that no matter how much you spend on a vehicle if it doesn’t have a good track record, you can never be sure whether it will perform well when you need it. So, don’t make any assumptions. Call around and ask what other people are saying about different vehicles before investing your money in one of them. If they don’t have a good reputation for quality and efficiency, you may want to look elsewhere.

Is It Fuel Efficient?

Fuel efficiency is an essential factor to consider when buying any vehicle, including small earth moving equipment. That’s because fuel costs can add up over time, so it’s a good idea to purchase something that gets good gas mileage. If you buy an earthmover that uses more fuel than necessary, you may find yourself spending money on gas that you can easily save.

Is It Easy To Use?

Even if you’re not familiar with a specific equipment brand, there are two qualities to look for: ease of use and ergonomics. Both help increase efficiency and reduce fatigue. Ergonomic controls allow workers to remain comfortable, even after hours or days spent operating heavy machinery. Bring a contractor along on your test drive if you aren’t sure what makes an earthmover easy to use. He’ll be able to evaluate how intuitive and easy-to-use its controls are.

 Is It Safe & Reliable?

One of your biggest concerns should be that your equipment is safe and reliable. Even if you have an excellent safety program in place, you shouldn’t take any risks. Spend some time talking with other people who own small earthmoving equipment about their experiences and ask how they would rank their vehicles from 1–10 in terms of dependability. Another good idea is to check user reviews online to see what folks are saying about various models. There are tons of sites where people rate all kinds of products, using them as resources.

After-Sales Service

The service provided by a company will determine how happy you are with your purchase in years to come. If they offer you after-sales services, you’ll feel more confident about spending your money. A potential buyer must always ask the company about the services they provide before investing in the machine.

Final Thoughts

Whether excavators or small earth moving equipment, no matter what equipment you choose, remember that while some of these machines are safer than others, there is always a certain level of safety risk. So always wear proper safety equipment while operating them. It’s also important to remember that some earthmovers are better for specific jobs than others. It is advisable to consider seasonal weather conditions and emergency measures before deciding to buy any machinery equipment.

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