Why urinal partitions should be a key part of your start-up company’s restroom design

Running a start-up business can be all about the fine details. Of course, you want your sales process to be slick and your website to look the part, but you also need to ensure everyone who works for you is cared for. This includes remuneration, bonus packages, and the more practical elements like breakrooms and restrooms. 

The design of these is vitally important as you are dealing with quite a delicate process. While you will have matters to address when it comes to the female restrooms, in the male restroom, you should seriously consider urinal partitions. There are several reasons why these should be part of the design and near the top of your list of ‘must-haves.’

Privacy and comfort

Having partitions between urinals gives users a greater sense of privacy, likely making them feel more secure and comfortable. After all, some individuals are bound to experience heightened levels of anxiety when using the restroom, and having partitions in place can do a lot to alleviate this problem. 

As well as reducing the potential for awkwardness, a partition will also give people a sense of personal space, which is a very private time for many. It also means those who would typically use the stalls for privacy reasons are not taking up a space that needs to be used by somebody else.

Hygiene and safety

Of course, having urinal partitions minimizes the risk of splashing between urinals and lessens the associated hygiene problems. This clearly provides a safer environment for anyone using it, and creating a barrier between one user and another all but negates the chances of unintentional contact.

Partitions also contain the area around a urinal, which could potentially help with the cleaning process, as well as taking into account that the partitions themselves will be easy to clean. 

Improved office efficiency 

If partitions were not in place, you would find that not all urinals would be used simultaneously, meaning that people would be spending considerably longer in the restroom waiting. With partitions in place and no issues with privacy or personal space, all of the urinals could potentially be used at the same time, and workers would be returning to their desks more quickly.

Cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing

Provided that you get them from the right supplier, plastic or powder-coated steel partitions should be hardwearing, making them a one-time investment. They can last for years, provided they are cleaned and maintained regularly, as they are rust-resistant and have a honeycomb support core. In addition, the better stockists will have them in a variety of colors that will fit your restroom design and are typically easy to fit.

Final thoughts

Privacy in a restroom can be a key issue for many employees, so installing partitions can positively affect morale in your start-up. There are also other reasons why an investment in urinal partitions is well spent: it can increase productivity and boost the safety levels in a notoriously unhygienic area. 

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