5 Tips For Choosing The Right Payment Option For Your Startup

Having a startup business can be tricky as you must ensure that everything’s moving smoothly from when you receive visitors on your website to when you ship products and services to their homes. Apart from ensuring that you can provide the best products and services, you need to ensure they can easily purchase one from your website, as this area can intensely minimize your crowd.  

Regarding your startup payment, ensure that you have the best one out there. When there’s a certain issue with purchasing, people might hesitate to buy from you as they feel that their data safety is compromised. While you might enjoy the benefits of online business account, you still need to find out which is the best option for your startup. With that, here are some tips for choosing the right payment option for your startup: 

Decide What Payment Methods To Accept 

With the number of payment methods available, you should see which one your startup is open to accommodating. However, this might vary if you’re selling online or through a physical shop, as some options might be more challenging to achieve, usually with physical payments. Nonetheless, decide what payment methods your startup should accept. The following are some payment options worth considering: 

  • Cash 

One of the most basic and traditional ways to pay for goods is to pay in cash. However, this would work best for physical establishments, as it will be quick and easy, without worrying about any other fees from availing of a payment service. Alternatively, you can still opt for a cash payment for your cash-on-delivery service, but this can be tricky as there could be instances wherein your customer might refuse to pay, generating income loss. 

  • Credit Card 

Almost everyone has a credit card nowadays. With this method, they can easily give you their card and make a purchase immediately. For online credit card payments, they only have to input their credit card details, and then they’re ready for checkout. This can help widen your customer base as more people rely on plastic cards to make purchases.  

  • E-Wallet 

In today’s digital landscape, e-wallets are now starting to be a popular payment option. All your customers have to do is take out their phones, access their e-wallet app, and make a successful payment by scanning your QR code. They can either use their e-wallet to store their digital bank accounts or act as new financial storage for their shopping needs.  

  • Online Payment 

An old way to pay for something without cash is using an online payment method. This way, they transfer their total fee to your bank account, and they should send you their proof of payment by e-mail. This applies mostly to e-commerce businesses, as doing this on physical stores can take a lot of time to push through because bank transfers might not happen in real time.  

Check The Fees 

Whether you’re building a physical or online startup company, you’ll need to handle the fees that come along with it. Because you’re using a third-party service to allow for more payment options for your business, there’s a corresponding fee you need to attend to before you begin. While it might be an added expense for your company, it can help you attract a bigger audience, especially because some people only prefer to purchase from a specific payment method.  

Before adding plenty of payment methods for your business, you should check their fees and see how much they’ll charge you. Ideally, look for a company that offers the smallest amount possible. Some can deduct the cost by every purchase, while some make it a monthly fee. With those numbers in mind, see if you’ll still be earning enough profits or if you’d need to increase your price.  

Consider Their Support 

Getting money through your business bank account matters most when running a business, as this will determine if you’re generating enough profits for your business and if you should continue to run it. Unfortunately, financial issues are almost unavoidable, and there will always come an instance wherein you’ll face one. This may include not getting the money you expect, late payments, fraud, or more.  

If your company is experiencing problems with your payments, you should contact the financial company as soon as possible. They should handle your issue quickly and responsibly as much as possible, especially because there’s plenty at stake here. Hence, you should observe how they support your issues and see if they’re on top of your problem. 

Decide If You’d Like To Be Local Or Global 

As a startup company, you should decide what kind of market you’d like to cater to so you can focus on that. While going for a global market would surely help increase your audience, see if it’s something you can handle. Apart from checking their culture and market status, you should also consider the extra fees you need to pay for your international clients, which can get higher in the long run.  

Apart from the international rates, there might be some other payment options that are widely popular for that specific country, which are limited to yours. Thus, you must check if it’s something you’re willing to risk, especially because you’re still a startup company.  

Validate Security 

Of course, your number one priority when choosing the perfect payment option for your business is checking its security. The last thing you’d want to happen is to fall victim to fraud or scams and watch all of your hard work gets blown away by the wind.   

Ideally, you should check the payment company’s security and see how they prevent any hacks and security breaches within their business. Confirm their validation and see if they meet all safety requirements to operate. Going for a reputable company would help to assure you that they’re trusted and can provide you with the best service. 


Choosing which payment options your business should use may be tricky, as there’s a lot to consider. However, with proper planning and research, you should see which best fits your needs, target, and budget to make your startup business successful. Ensure you integrate them well into your website or store.  

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