Things to Consider Before Buying a Lumber Rack

Having the right storage system in a warehouse or any other commercial property is extremely important as it can significantly impact the overall functionality of your business. It allows you to differentiate items according to their size and specifications easily. Even if having an excellent storage system is quite expensive, it will reduce the risks of injury and increase labor efficiency.

In fact, lumber racks or cantilever racks are one of those storage options that most warehouse owners opt for. The heavy-duty lumber rack system is perfect for storing long parts inventory lists and industrial applications in busy warehouses.

However, every lumber rack is not the same, and you need to buy one according to your requirements. This article will guide you to learn about various factors you need to consider while buying this storage system.

Connection to the base

One of the important factors to consider while buying lumber racks is how the upright connects to the base. Some of these racks are also composed of enhancement plates that need 12 bolts per assembly, while others require 4 to 8 bolts per assembly.

Product size

Considering the size of the product that you will store in a lumber rack is also essential. If you know its length, you will know the space required between the braces. Additionally, if you know the product’s weight, you will know what kind of material rack you should choose.

You can narrow down your choices of light, medium, and heavy-duty racking systems based on the length and weight of the product.

Height of your facility and material handling

While buying a cantilever rack, you should ensure that the rack’s height will clear the ceiling height. Additionally, the forklifts and other machinery should extend to reach the maximum height of the rack. If you buy an over-tall rack, your money will go to waste that you spent on those upper shelves. Furthermore, training your employees to handle the material on these racks is essential to maintaining a safe and efficient work environment.

Arm size

Whenever you choose the right arm size, make sure you do not exceed the length of your product. For example, a 1200 mm long arm is required if your products are 1200 mm deep. Also, remember that the arms should not be overloaded.

Types of rack

There are two types of lumber racks: Roll-formed and structural.

Roll-formed racks have a bolt-less design and are comparatively lightweight. They are excellent for storing light to medium-weight items. Structural cantilever racks are heavier and stronger, thus making them more durable. They can store heavy loads of more than 1500 lbs.


Cantilever racks are made of carbon or alloy steel. Most warehouses are placed in the open, such as in lumberyards. However, if exposed to moisture or other external factors, they can rust, and their strength will slowly degrade. You can buy a rack with a protectant finish of galvanizing, epoxy, or powder coating.


A lumber rack plays an essential role in almost all businesses that require maximum storage. All the factors listed above will help you choose to use the rack to its maximum capacity.

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