How to Setup Epson l3150 WiFi?

Epson is a very popular name when it comes to printers. The model l3150 has a WiFi printing option and can scan at a bit higher resolution than the l3110. The construction quality of this printer is pretty good. On the top is the control panel with various features.

This printer has simple buttons for connecting to the WiFi, scanning a document or photo, and a cancel button to cancel the job.

In this article, we will tell you how to setup Epson I3150 Wifi with Wi-Fi direct and Wi-Fi router mode.

Why do you face problems in setting Epson l3150 Wifi?

You will face the Wifi setting problem in the Epson l3150 printer, when someone has reset the settings or you are using this printer for the first time. Setting up the Wifi and connecting it with your mobile and PC is an easy task; you don’t need any technical knowledge to do so.

How to reset network setting or Wifi setting of Epson l3150 Wifi Printer?

epson l3150 Wifi setup without WPS

For resetting the settings, please follow the steps:

Step by Step on How to reset Wifi Setting on Epson l3150 printer

Step 1: Firstly, turn off your printer by switching the power button on the command panel on the top of the printer.

Step 2: Now, click the network information button [the second button after the Wifi] and the power button at the same time.

Step 3: Press both buttons for 2 to 3 seconds, or until the WiFi LED lights start to blink one by one.

Step 4: Now, release the button and wait for one to two minutes, as this process takes time as the WiFi and network settings are getting reset.

Step 5: When the wireless lights stop blinking, connect the printer to the Wifi Direct mode.To do this, you have to click the WiFi button and the network information button at the same time and hold them for 5 to 6 seconds.

Step 6: After doing the previous step, the WiFi lights will start to blink again. Then you have to wait for one to two minutes. After a while, your printer will be in WiFi direct mode, and the WiFi direct LED light will glow [second light].

Step 7: Now you can connect your printer to your mobile device or computer and issue printing commands. But in this case, the internet will not be working on your PC or mobile.

If you want to solve the internet not working issue with the Epson L3150 WiFi Printer, then you have to use the WiFi router mode.

You can use the internet and the printer simultaneously while in router mode.

How to Setup Epson l3150 Wifi?

If you want to connect your printer to the router, then first you have to do the direct mode steps. If your router is password protected, then you have to connect through Wifi direct mode because you can’t configure the printer with the router as you don’t have a connection with it.

So let’s start the step-by-step configuration or setup Epson L3150 WiFi Settings

How to find password of Epson l3150 Wifi Printer?

Step 1: Firstly, you have to insert an A4 sheet of paper into the printer and click on the network information button for 5 to 6 seconds.

Step 2: The above step will print all the information, like the WiFi direct name, IP address, password, etc. A total of 3 to 4 pages will be printed from this printer.

This epson l3150 printer has two wifi cards, one for Wifi direct and one for router. So you will get the MAC address and other details separately.

Step 3: Now, when you get the prints, check for the information under “Wi-Fi Direct.” You will get an SSID and password.

So, this is the SSID and password of your printer, and when you check your mobile for WiFi, you will get this SSID name, where you have to connect.

At the top of the page, you will find the two MAC addresses.

Epson L3150 WiFi Setup for Mobile

Step 5: If you are using a mobile phone, then you have to download an app that is available in the Google Play Store. Search under the name Epson iPrint and you will find the app.

Epson L3150 WiFi Setup for Mobile

Step 6: Install and open the app on your mobile.

Step 7: Open your mobile Wi-Fi settings and switch off and on your Wi-Fi again.

Step 8: Here you will see Direct-9E-EPSON Wi-Fi. Connect it and type the password from the printout you got earlier.

Step 9: Once you connect with the printer, open the app and click on “Printer is not selected” and let it search for 2 to 3 seconds.

Step 10: Then, click on the printer; it will be redirected to another page. Press the back key on your mobile phone and wait until the printer is connected.

Step 11: Now, you can see that your printer is connected to your mobile. Select any image or document from your mobile device and print it to check if the printer connection is successful or not.

Epson L3150 WiFi Setup PC

Now, let’s do the connection process and set up the Epson L3150 Wifi on the PC.

Step 1: Connect your PC or laptop to Direct-9E-EPSON Wi-Fi with the same password as given in the printout. Your PC will get connected to the printer via Wi-Fi direct.

Epson L3150 WiFi Setup Driver

Step 2: Get the driver. The file is in the RAR format. So you need WinRar or Unzip software to open the folders.

Step 3: Extract the files into the same folder. Then, select the Universal Print Driver according to your laptop’s or PC’s bit size. If your computer is 64-bit, then select the 64-bit driver.

Step 4: Then go to Universal_Print_Driver_x64_27006—> WINX64—> SETUP64 and run and install it.

Step 5: After installing, it will ask you how to configure the port. Select the network connection and press OK.

Step 6: Here you will get the connection with your printer.

Step 7: To check if the drivers are installed or not, you can search for devices and printers in the Windows search bar.

Now, you can print documents, images or PDFs through your PC or laptop.

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