How to Audit Your eCommerce Website

An e-commerce store in today’s world probably runs on Shopify. This fast-growing content management system is popular among beginners because of its plug-and-play properties. If you’ve gone through the whole process of creating products and launching your site but find traffic dismal, read on.

How to Perform an SEO Audit on Your Shopify Store

Shopify is great for SEO, thanks to third-party addons and built-in functions. However, having good products on your site isn’t enough if you’re not ranking well on search engines. How do you ensure your site performs well on SERP rankings? Here’s a list of things to do if you’re running a website audit to multiply your traffic.

  • Check on brand name rankings

If your shop’s name is abc-shop, find out how you rank for variations of your brand, like abcshop, abc shop, and so on.

  • Fix your coverage issues

Ensure that Google can find your pages by setting up the Google Search Coverage report and signing up for Google Search Console.

  • Optimize your titles, meta descriptions, and header tags

Your SEO strategy should be on point with keywords that drive organic traffic. Make sure that your images contain alternative texts.

  • Audit your content

Are your competitors producing better content than yours? Strive to produce interesting blog posts and product descriptions with eye-pleasing images.

  • Boost your site’s speed

Pages that load slowly will deter visitors. Gain insights on your site’s speed and remove any unnecessary third-party apps or scripts.

  • Fix your schema markup code

Your structured data might have errors. Find them using the Google Search Console.

  • Optimize your links

Pay attention to your links, whether internal or external. Your content should link back to your own products. At the same time, watch out for spammy links with a backlink tracker.

How Critical Is an Audit?

Let’s put it this way: a well-designed site with products just doesn’t cut it these days. You also need to develop an SEO strategy that works and run a comprehensive website audit. Find out what your competitors are doing. There’s no shame in copying them if it will give you a bigger piece of the pie.

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