A Guide for Choosing the Best Car Shipping Company

Are you in the market for the auto transport industry? Many entities are offering shipping services, and you may be wondering which company is ideal. Many factors go into selecting a company that will guarantee a positive customer experience. This guide identifies four tips for choosing the best car shipping industry.

What are Your Requirements?

There are different types of cars that come in varying sizes. Ensure that the auto transport company has a suitable carrier that can accommodate the size of your vehicle. If the transporter doesn’t have the right truck for your order, it may cause delays as they shop for one; an inconvenience if you’re racing against time. Some commercial shipping includes:

  • Trucks shipping
  • Buses shipping
  • Service vehicles shipping
  • Vans shipping

Clients may prefer closed over open transportation depending on their car’s model. While the latter option is more affordable, your vehicle will probably arrive in better condition as it’s not exposed to inclement weather. Closed trucks are best for classic and luxury cars whose weather damage repairs are costly.

Online Review

Research a company before booking your transport- it will save money, time, and aggravation. Before settling for a shipping company, look it up on the internet; you never know what you may find. Go through online reviews that are usually written by customers who have already experienced the company’s services. Beware of transport review sites that have compensated reviews. Instead, pick several online review platforms to ensure review validity- you can even directly contact some reviewers.

Service rating sites also provide insight into the quality of services a transporter offers. The higher the score, the more likely the company will provide excellent service. Refrain from filling out quotes on an online form unless the form states that your information will only go to one company. Many sites give your details to salespeople that contact you, some of whom are aggressive.

Licensing and Certification

Car shipping companies require state and federal licensing and certification to operate legally. The Department of Transportation (DOT) number is one license a shipper can apply for through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The DOT number is verifiable online on the FMCSA website. Ensure that the trucking companies have reliable drivers that are of good conduct. Also, confirm that the carrier drivers have a valid Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). To monitor shipment progress, ask for the carrier driver’s name and contact information.

Various events in life, such as work, require that we relocate. A national auto transport service will suffice if your move is within a country. However, if you’re moving internationally, select a shipping company with international auto transport documents. Multiracial transporters will help you manage the custom regulations and paperwork that vary from country to country, easing the transition.

Insurance Facilities

Auto transport customers are always concerned about damage to their vehicles while in transport on a car carrier. Though rare, car movers may occasionally cause damage when shipping your car. A state requirement; a carrier liability policy protects other road users from carrier accidents. On the other hand, a cargo liability policy covers your shipment from damage while in transit. For peace of mind, ask for a copy of the carrier’s insurance, or verify it online.

The Bill of Lading (BOL) is an essential part of an insurance policy, since once you sign it, the carrier assumes full responsibility for your vehicle. Ensure that you receive a copy of the BOL when the car is loaded for transport. Have good records of the car’s condition before shipment and compare them to the inspection report. It ensures that you only make rightful damage claims. Minor incident repairs such as a cracked windshield will come from the high deductibles on the carrier cargo liability policy. In the event of significant damage, the insurance adjuster assigned to the claim- and hired by the trucker’s insurance will determine the vehicle’s worth and total payout.

An ideal auto transporter has a suitable size carrier on hand and can provide either open or closed trucks for your car, depending on your needs. Before entering into a contract with a car shipping company, verify that it has up-to-date licensing and the requisite insurance policy. Online dating and reviews are essential to determine the shipment company’s quality of service.

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