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One of the most significant changes to how we work has been the introduction of cloud-based teleconferencing. The ease and cost-effectiveness of using cloud technology to conduct meetings, both live and recorded, creates a significant opportunity for businesses to save on costs as well as enhance productivity and time management.

While the implementation of Zoom meetings into your business strategies may be relatively simple, however, hosting an engaging teleconference is a different story. Just as in real-life meetings, Zoom meetings require specific skills and abilities to ensure that attendees stay interested and engaged. Check out a few of the best teleconference skills you can implement at your next Zoom meeting below.

1. Speak Clearly

It might seem obvious, but speaking clearly at a meeting is obviously an important skill, for a few reasons.

One, teleconferencing software is not always 100% clear, so it can be difficult to understand speakers. You are more likely to be understood by those attending the Zoom meeting by speaking clearly. Two, if the presenter speaks too fast or quietly they may not hold their audience’s attention, which could cause them to lose interest and disengage. Third, clarity is also important for those in the meeting who need to follow along and take notes as the meeting takes place.

2. Make Eye Contact With the Camera, Not Your Screen

Like in real-life meetings, it is important to make eye contact with your audience during a Zoom conference call. Eyes darting around a screen can make you look shifty and cause others to lose interest.

Remember that you are not looking at the people on your screen. Instead, you are communicating with those watching the Zoom teleconference on their screens, so as a host, you need to look directly into the camera and speak to those viewing.

3. Be Mindful Of Background Noise

Noise can be an incredibly annoying thing in any meeting setting, and teleconferences are no exception. Background noise, such as the noisy computer fan or construction outside, can become a distraction for your audience members, who may begin to lose focus and disengage.

As a host, you need to be mindful of any background noise that could negatively affect your meeting and take measures to resolve the issue before it becomes a problem.

4. Set the Scene

While in-person meetings have the benefit of fancy conference rooms and large screens holding the presentation, Zoom meetings don’t necessarily have these luxuries. As a host, you need to be mindful of this and act as an “entertainer” for your attendees.

Consider sitting or presenting under favorable lighting that illuminates you, avoid unnecessary background clutter, and try to situate yourself in the frame so that attendees can see you and your presentation. You want your audience to be engaged and interested in your video conference, so consider how you present yourself and what the environment looks like while you communicate with them.

5. Don’t Forget To Ask Questions!

One of Zoom hosts’ most common mistakes is forgetting to ask questions. Asking questions during your teleconference will go a long way toward keeping your audience engaged and interested in what you have to say.

Questions invite the audience to participate, which can be especially helpful if you are presenting new information or unfamiliar concepts. Questions also allow attendees to digest the material, ask clarifying questions, and better understand the concepts you are presenting.

6. Keep It Focused

Like any meeting, keeping the focus on the topic at hand is important to ensure that people don’t lose interest and disengage. Maintaining focus is especially important in teleconferencing because it’s easy for attendees to get distracted with emails or their phones when you aren’t engaging or active enough.

Use Good Teleconferencing Practices for Great Zoom Meetings

By following these best practices, you can make sure that your Zoom meetings are engaging and productive. These teleconferencing skills are easy to implement and can go a long way in ensuring that your Zoom meetings fulfill their purpose and effectively communicate your message.

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