Programs That Help Adult Parents Obtain Their High School Diplomas

It can be challenging for parents to earn a high school diploma, considering their numerous responsibilities. A more straightforward solution for adult learning is to earn high school diploma online. There are various programs that offer personalized learning, all at the learner’s convenience. In addition to taking place online, the adult education programs are self-paced, allowing learners to take charge of their education.

Programs That Help Adult Parents Obtain Their High School Diplomas

The U.S.Department of Education recognizes adult education programs. Enrolling in such programs is free of charge, and aims to foster literacy among the population.

The programs are often competency-based to assist adult learners in earning a high school diploma or its equivalency. They also aid in transitioning to college course programs that can help improve the individual’s quality of life and careers.

Below is an outline of adult education programs that help parents obtain high school diplomas.

Adult High School Credit Diploma

This program follows a prescribed plan for earning various academic and elective credits toward a high school diploma. The minimum of twenty credits applied in the basic Adult High School Credit Diploma (AHSCD) must meet the following state requirements:

•    The program must institute certified teachers and counselors.

•    Adhere to Department of Education requirements for enrollment, accountability, assessment, and reporting.

•    Meet the necessary credit standards.

•    Make sure each credit course meets the minimum instructional hours.

High School Equivalency (HSE) program

HSE is a new adult education program that replaced the GED. The learner obtains a High School Equivalency after sitting for the HiSET tests.
HiSET exams consist of five subtests, all covering content areas including

•    Math

•    Science

•    Social Studies

•    Reading

•    Writing

Tests are administered online, offering convenience and comfort. Studying for the HiSET exams improves learners’ academic skills and prepares them to transition to college and the workplace.

National External Diploma Program

Adult learners get credentials under this program based on the skills that they have gained through life experiences. To earn a high school diploma, such learners must demonstrate competence in a specific academic area, talent, or job.

Under this adult education program, there is no classroom instruction. The adult is allowed to complete their portfolio assessment to earn a high school diploma online.

Benefits Of Adult Education Programs

Online adult education programs focus on matching the learner’s goals. Here are some benefits that they have.

Offer a Flexible Approach

Like any class, high school diploma classes for adults have diverse learners, each with varying needs and learning experiences. Adult education programs focus on finesse but are not strict on the approach one has to use for their credits.

A flexible learning approach to mastery-based courses lets learners figure out their interests. Adult learners have the freedom to retake assessments until they have mastered the content fully.

Help With Career Planning

The main aim of high school diploma learning for adults is to promote lifelong learning. Having a career plan is invaluable, so the adult education programs focus on making the learner market-ready.

While earning a high school diploma, one benefits from services like resume writing and interview tips. Such skills are critical to helping them easily navigate the career world.

Available Support

Some details about credit requirements and the process of earning a high school diploma can be hard to comprehend. Adult education programs have all the information the learner will need, so they offer support throughout the process. Administrators and counselors can help one remain on track to help them graduate and reach their goals.

Consider Adult Education Programs to Earn High School Diploma Online

Working for a high school diploma is worth the effort required, since it betters one’s chances of pursuing further education. Adult education programs are the perfect solution to help one earn high school diploma online. They are competency-based, focusing on helping learners transition into college or gain job skills.

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