Making Your House Move a Success: A Guide

Moving home is both an exciting and intimidating experience. It’s exciting because it has been in the works for weeks and months, and you’ve carefully chosen the new home based on your own preferences.

And it’s intimidating because there’s a lot you’ll have to take responsibility over organizing, including the movement and storage of your belongings and the legal process of handing over the keys to your old home. In this guide, we’ll walk you through your responsibilities so that you’re able to move seamlessly and with as much excitement, and as little stress, as possible. 


With the terms of your house sale and purchase agreed, it’s time to start packing in earnest. This is a long process, but it needn’t be stressful or laborious. Throw on some music or listen to a podcast, and slowly work your way through your possessions – going from room to room so that you know where everything will end up on the other end.

Be sure to put your regularly used items, such as your clothes and your toiletries, in a bag that’s more accessible than the cardboard boxes that you’re packing with furniture, ornaments and other less-needed belongings. 


It’s always worth looking into storage when you’re moving home – especially considering there’s always a risk that the timings of your move might not quite work out, leaving you in need of temporary storage while you’re waiting for the previous owners to vacate your new home. In the extreme, you can find all kinds of storage boxes for all sizes of belongings. Find vehicle storage, too, if you won’t be using your car for some time and you’re in need of a safe and legal space to park it for the coming weeks and months. 

Moving Day

When it’s confirmed that you’re able to move into your new home, it’ll be time to get the removal companies on the phone to find the best price for your house move. You can usually choose two options here: renting your own trucks and driving them yourself, with the help of friends who are there to unpack; or having the entire service provided by the firm. These options are priced accordingly. Do make sure that you give either your friends or the manual laborers instructions on the boxes and at the doorstep so that they know where to put every item that’s being taken from the trucks. 

Settling In

With all your belongings safely transported to your new home, it’s now time to settle in. That’s an emotional journey, in that you want to feel at home. It’s a physical journey, as you arrange your belongings in a new space. And it’s also a bureaucratic journey, as you change the home address on all your mailing lists and on vital documents like your bank account and your driver’s license. With these final steps taken care of, your house move will have been a success without stress. 

Make moving home a joy from start to finish with the advice provided above – designed to help you process the stages of your exciting move.

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