Does Success with Play Money Determine Success with Real Money Games?

Using play money to practice your skills in casino games is a good strategy. It allows you to “get good” at a game before placing bets and putting real money on the line. However, playing with no-risk often leads to more aggressive gameplay that you might not see in the real thing. Once you become successful at play money games, is this representative of the success you will have to play real money games?

Comparing Play Money Games to Real Money Games

Play money games can aid your success in games that require skill. Poker is a prime example. It’s a game that requires skill, not only in playing the game but also in reading your fellow players. Doing this successfully will help you learn when to bet high, fold, and cards to throw and keep. When you make the switch to playing with real money, you’ll know what you’re doing, and this is important.

At the core, play money games have no comparison to real money casino games, and this is because people who don’t risk real money play differently. They’ve got nothing to lose, and neither do you. When you don’t have a stake in the game, you’re automatically less concerned about your bets because you can’t lose anything. It’s a guarantee that you will play more aggressively and take more risks with play money than you will with the real thing.

Does your success transfer between play modes?

Given that people play money and real money games differently, it’s safe to say that being successful in a free game will not always translate to being successful in a real money game. That’s not to say you won’t learn anything about the game itself, just that your performance or rank in a free game shouldn’t be used to gauge your success once you place a real bet.

Earlier, there was mention that not all players in a play money game care about the outcome, which is important when thinking about success. When the other players aren’t engaged in the game as they would be in the real thing, they’re easier to beat. Regardless of whether you’re taking the game seriously, they may not be. So, in theory, it’s much easier to obtain success in a play money casino game because your competitors get sloppy and don’t care if they lose.

What you can practice in play money games is strategy. Use these games to learn how to play the game really well. Learn what works and what doesn’t. It’s also a great time to learn how to read your competition. This might not work if you’re playing against a computer, but for card games where you play against real competition, it will help you when you make the switch to real money games. Learning your own strengths and weaknesses as a player will help you improve your skills before you have real money on the line.

Final thoughts

Playing with play money is a great option to learn strategies and how to play different casino games. However, if you want to determine whether you can be successful at winning, you’re going to have to bite the bullet and bet some real money. It’s nearly impossible to decide whether or not you will have a successful outcome based on your success in a play money game.

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