The Pneu-Con Central-Powered Vacuum Conveying System

Henry Ford’s brilliant concept, the assembly line, revolutionized manufacturing and helped make him one of the major players in the automotive industry. Factories worldwide still use this simple, yet efficient system to build their products.

It’s fast and allows for mistakes to be captured at any point, greatly improving quality control. One of the most important parts of an assembly line is the conveyors. The system can’t work unless parts are moved quickly from station to station. 

Large solid items are usually moved on conveyor belts driven by electric motors. These are effective for the purpose they serve. But if the business involves powdery-like substances such as cement, sand, sugar, flour, or even pellets or ball bearings, a different means of moving them around a factory is needed.

This is accomplished through the use of pneumatic and vacuum-powered tubes that use pressurized air to convey the product. Pneu-Con’s central-powered vacuum systems are an excellent choice for moving this type of material.

The Advantages of a Pneumatic System Over a Mechanical One

Mechanical transfer systems can move materials from place to place in a factory, but a vacuum conveying system has several advantages. Pneumatic systems cost less to run and can move dry bulk materials further than a mechanical system. They are easily adapted to any configuration at any site and are easier to maintain. With their lower operation cost, you will see a faster ROI than you would with a conventional system.

Central Power

Pneu-Con’s systems are central-powered. Just like central air conditioning, there is one centrally located unit that provides the vacuum to power the entire conveyor system. This is much more efficient, takes up less space and there is only one vacuum unit to maintain. Lower costs and fewer problems are the results of central power. 

Key Features

Pneu-Con’s vacuum conveying systems are available with either a central-powered vacuum-based or pressure-based blower system. They are completely customizable to fit pre-existing loaders, feeders and hoppers. Each system has a central control panel which gives you the ability to keep the operation running smoothly and can easily be connected to air and material lines.

Pneu-Con System Enhancements

The Pneu-Con vacuum systems can be equipped with a number of enhancements to suit the needs of your business. These enhancements include:

  • Control Panels – These are available for main system control, auxiliary controls, alarm panels, station select and motor disconnect panels
  • Timers – These can be individually adjusted to control the dump and conveying cycles for each individual station in the system
  • Blower Package – This is a simple system that can be used to move materials from point A to point B
  • Flow Equipment – This useful enhancement can perform conveying sub-operations within the system

For dry bulk materials, it’s hard to beat a vacuum conveying system. Available in sizes from large to small, Pneu-Con’s central-powered vacuum systems have key features you need to keep your operation running and your costs down. Enhancements are available to customize your system to fit your needs exactly.

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