What’s the Average Cost of a 6 Monitor Setup?

We all know that the cost of digital equipment has become increasingly accessible over the years. What does that translate to when you want to buy a 6 monitor setup? In this article, know what’s the average cost of a 6 monitor setup.

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Get the Right Equipment for your 6 Monitor Setup

Whether you want two, three or 6 monitors, you’ll have specifications that you need for what you want to use your equipment for. That’s why you need to break down the cost of your 6 monitor setup. 

Some gamers, for example, go as far as building their own computers starting with the motherboard. That way, they can design the exact system that they need. Naturally, not everyone is willing to go to such lengths so here’s to get you started with designing your 6 monitor setup:

  • Laptop or desktop
  • Graphics cards 
  • Monitor screens and display stands
  • Cables 
  • Desk and chair
  • Accessories 

Laptop or desktop

The average mid-range laptop costs between $500 and $700, according to PCMag. However, you  have to be careful to get the right specifications to power multiple monitor setups.

For instance, an average laptop probably has around 8GB of RAM but you ideally need at least 16GB. Also, you might end up with an outdated AMD processor that can’t keep up with your 6 monitor setup. 

Graphics cards 

Another important piece of hardware is your integrated graphics card. This is also known as a video card and it essentially enables all your images and graphics on your display screens. Ultimately, a 6 monitor setup can’t function properly without a graphics card. 

Moreover, graphics cards are constantly updated by top brands Radeon and NVIDIA. That’s why you can expect 6GB or 8GB, even up to 10 or 12GB, whereas a mid-range computer might only have 2GB, for instance.

In fact, regardless of whether you run your 6 monitor setup with Mac or Windows 10, your computer is probably the most important purchase. So, you might want to consider a budget of between $1000 and $2000. 

Monitor screens

You’ll need to determine how many monitors you want for your multi monitor setup. Many people start with two and evolve from there. Either way, the average cost for monitors is around a few hundred dollars. 

When choosing your monitors, you’ll need to consider resolution and screen size. Most people go for 24 inches and 1080 pixels because that gives good quality for a reasonable budget.

Depending on want you’re using your 6 monitor setup, you might want to consider a larger screen size or even ultra wide curved panels. Gamers, for example, often prefer those for a more immersive experience. 


There are several formats commonly found in the industry for any 6 monitor setup. These are HDMI, VGA, DVI, USB and DisplayPort. Simply check the ports on your computer and you’ll be able to make sure that you buy the right cables. Generally, the average cable is about $50 or less. 

Desk and chair

Again, depending on what you’re using your 6 monitor setup, you might be spending several hours in front of it. That’s why it’s important to be comfortable without straining your body. 

An ergonomic chair and a good-sized desk can be a great investment. To give you an idea, a high quality ergonomic chair is around $350 to $800. 

Accessories and display stands

Cable management is an important part of owning a 6 monitor setup. No one wants to be tripping over cables while pulling equipment off the desk. You can easily get cable ties, trays and other neat ideas to keep everything tidy. It’s also worth noting how far you arrange your 6 monitor setup from the power supply unit to keep your cables to a minimum.

When it comes to display stands, many prefer adjustable mounts for their monitor screens. That way they can make sure they have the right ergonomics in place.

With adjustable mounts, you can also more easily switch between horizontal and vertical views, depending on what you’re working on. Most adjustable amounts are in the order of $50 or less. However, remember you have to multiply by 6 for your 6 monitor setup.

Final Thoughts on Costing your 6 Monitor Setup 

If you’re looking for the best equipment, your total will be somewhere between $2000 and $5000. Then again, if you’re looking for something that balances budget with quality then you’re looking around the $2k mark.

Of course, you can also build up to this step by step by first having two monitors. Either way, remember to check your RAM and graphics card specifications as well as the quality of your processor. Everything else follows from there and you can enjoy your 6 monitor setup. 

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