How to Make a Slideshow People Will Actually Read?

Good presentations are about more than just the content. They’re also about how you deliver it. That means that if you want your presentation to be effective, there are a few simple things you need to do for people to actually pay attention and retain the information.

In this guide, you’ll find some simple, effective strategies that’ll ensure your presentation is good-looking and easy to follow.

1: Pick Quality Photos

The simplest way to make sure your slides are engaging is by using images that aren’t cheesy stock photos. It’s best if you have something professionally done or even consider using presentation software by, which makes this step a breeze. But either way, it’s important to have the right images.

2: Don’t Use too Many Words

When you have your images set up, try not to use too much text on the actual slide. One of the best ways to do this is by having a big image that sums up all the text, so people can easily read it all at once. Ultimately, the point of a presentation is to present information in a clear and engaging way, so make sure you keep this in mind when working on the visuals.

3: Utilize White Space

Remember to make use of the space you have available. Don’t cram too much on your slides, unless it’s necessary. A good rule of thumb is to only fill up half the slide with text and leave plenty of blank space in between lines. This will make it easier for people to read the text, and they’ll also get more value out of your presentation.

4: Stop Reading Your Slides

You may be tempted to read what you’ve written on the slides word-for-word, but don’t do it! It’s not necessary. In fact, it makes your points less valuable. After all, what’s the point in speaking at all if people could just read your slides? When you’re presenting in front of an audience, it’s important to actually engage with them and interact. If you finish reading the slide, don’t just leave it at that – add your own comments or ideas to make the information seem more personal and relevant.

5: Add Action Words to Your Slides

In order for your presentation to be engaging, you should try adding action words to the text on each slide. It’ll help make your points more forceful and give people a better idea of what’s going on. This is as simple as using verbs that have an active meaning and paint a pleasing picture in the reader’s mind.

6: Keep It Short and Simple

Even if you have a lot to say, make sure it’s all packed into a short presentation. In general, keep your slides simple and straightforward. The last thing you want is for your slides to be too complicated or difficult to read. Your presentation should be clear and concise if you want people to pay attention and remember.

7: Make a Good First Impression

The first slide or two of your presentation is the most crucial. People pay the most attention at the start, so try making a good first impression by creating an engaging title slide that incorporates some basic information about your topic.

8: Include a Call-to-Action

If you want people to take action after your presentation, make sure there’s a clear call to action on one of the slides. It can be as simple as a short description of what you want your audience to do next, but don’t forget it!

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