How to Start a Virtual Assistance Business

What is virtual assistance?

Virtual Assistance or Assistant (VA) can do just about everything, entrepreneurs want to focus on the core while someone smart takes care of their essential but repetitive time-consuming tasks such as managing leads, project management, online research, building email database, managing schedules, setting up the meeting, and managing their inbox.

Seems difficult but some entrepreneur needs virtual assistance for managing their blog, social-media accounts, tracking expenses, making presentations, creating excel sheets and many more.

How to Start a Virtual Assistance Business

The investment required:

Creating websites- 20000 INR

Marketing- 10000 INR

Need in the market:

Many entrepreneur wants to do the main part of the job and all the repetitive jobs he wants to avoid it and he needs some experts or one who knows the job.

There are many freelancing sites like, and much more where you can hire a freelancer for virtual assistants but the major drawback is there are many spammers on these websites.

The cost for the virtual assistant is also very high but there are many smart professionals available who can do online and computer-based tasks with low cost and high accuracy.

Competition in the market:

In India, Virtual Assistance has zero competition. their only one Indian company who has started this startup i.e. Wishup and US-based Zirtual and TimeEtc but their rates are very high for new startups and freelancers.

In short, there is no competition for virtual assistance business in India and many Asian countries.

Bonus Tip:

All these virtual Assistance companies are targeting experts in specific domains so their hourly rates are very high. But remember one-month training in that specific domain can make him experts. There are many Youths who are highly skilled but don’t know where to use their talent.

They even don’t know the concept of virtual Assistance and there are many jobs which they can perform.

Form a group of such students, train them from the experts for one month in different domains of work and start your company.

Don’t give tasks to experts. Create experts.

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