Start Quality meal or Tiffin service with camera surveillance.

Start Quality meal or Tiffin service business with camera surveillance.

First, let’s see the problem we faced while choosing meal or tiffin services are

1.Low-quality meal
2.Cleanliness of the kitchen
3.Quality and Quantity Of the ingredients used in the meal
4.Lack of communication between consumers and the Tiffin provider.

Just imagine if you solve all these problems as a Tiffin service provider then you will get many customers who will give more money for your tiffin services.

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How to overcome all these problems?

Using Camera surveillance:-

Install Camera in your kitchen room or the room in which you are making food for your customer and tell them they can watch how the food is cooked and the quality of the ingredient used for cooking. This idea will remove all the problems which are faced in these industries, and all will pay you more to get your services.

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Scope in the market:-

With the increase in the jobs in urban cities many people are shifting towards metro cities, away from their hometown and in such cases it becomes really very difficult for a bachelor or single living person to prepare the food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and so It is a great business opportunity for you. You can start a tiffin service for such people and earn a Handsome profit in this.

So in short, we can say that the tiffin service business is one of the best businesses you can start at the very low cost and it has the very high scope of improvement and you can on in lakhs.
Through this business and from the above post you can also fine with that it is one of the simplest and profitable business

Tiffin Content

What has to be kept in Tiffin is fixed 96 a curry, chapatti, and dal Pulses). Four boxes restrict the addition of any other content, through to the respite of people 96 curries could be either veg or non-veg as per demand. And in case you want something else, you need to get one of the contents replaced by one of your own choices. It all seems so simple, and yes it is. And so you can start it
as early as possible and too at a very low cost.

Start Quality meal or Tiffin service business with camera surveillance.
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So what is the scope of improvement in Tiffin service?

[A] Changing the design of Tiffin.
[B] Changing the menu
[C] Customer feedback is a must
[D] Add additional items in the service menu
[E] Special day should not be on the weekends
[F] Plastic Box could be made attractive
[G] Let the customer decide what to eat

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Investment required

The initial investment needed in this business is 10-20 thousand

Time needed

It will take maximum 10-15 days to set up this business

Workforce required

You have to hire 2-3 peoples also as helping hands depending upon the volume of the business

It can also be done from home

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You can easily earn up to 40-50 thousand monthly from this business and in the long run, if you put more efforts and you daily sells zooms up, then you can easily expect an income of 1 lakh monthly.
The best thing in this business is that if you are doing this business from home, then you will be not requiring any license or registration from any authority.

If you have any advice on this idea, please feel free to comment, and I will surely contact you. Please share with your friends and connect them to your business ideas because business is not for one person. Please Share, Like and comment



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