20 Sites Like Solarmovie- Best Movie Streaming Platforms

If you love to watch movies online for free then Solarmovie alternatives 2022 will help to find your favorite series and shows. Here is the list of similar sites like Solarmovie.

Before adding any movie streaming platform in this list, I have tried and tested all these website with different device. So as to give you the best alternative of Solarmovie website.

But why alternative, if you can directly access this website.

Solarmovie is a free movie streaming website and many times the official website of it is down or not working. The reason for the same are many, so I can’t tell you the exact answer.

But don’t worry there are many websites to watch movies and series for free. All you need is these Solarmovie alternative website to stream your favorite shows online at anytime and anywhere and that too without any charges.

By keeping all the things a movie lover desires, Here is the list of best movie streaming websites like Solarmovie.

List of Best Movies Streaming Sites like Solarmovie

1. YesMovies

Website- https://yesmovies.id/

Yomovies Homepage

YesMovies is one of the most popular website to stream movies in HD quality. Users from all over the world visit this website to get their favorite shows and movies for free without sign up.

It has one of the largest collection of movies from different countries like USA, UK, France, India, Korea, Asia, etc. You can find all the films directly on their homepage.

If you want to sort out movies as per genre, country, language, quality, etc, then you can use the filter option available on this website. You will find a vast database of films under every categories and genres. Search the name using the search bar to find the movie thumbnail.

You can also request your desired film or series in any quality and language, if they are not present in their collection.

Many people are concern about the ads like popup and redirects while surfing on this website. But a good thing about YesMovies is that, you will see a less number of ads as compared to other movie streaming site including Solarmovie.


  • New and latest films are updated regularly.
  • More then five streaming servers are there to watch movies.
  • There are many filters to sort movies as per your choice.
  • Get personal recommendation as per your interests.


  • Popup and notification ads are present.
  • The official URL changes more frequently.

2. Amazon Prime

Website- https://www.primevideo.com/

Amazon prime homepage

Amazon Prime and Solarmovie don’t have any similarities but still no one can ignore the fact that Amazon Prime is one of the most popular video streaming platform like Netflix. Once you tried this website, you will not search any other platform to watch movies or TV shows.

Most of the popular TV shows and movies already on their collection and some of them are free to watch. You have to create an account before accessing the free content on this website. If you have budget for your entertainment, then I personally recommend you to get the premium membership plan of Amazon Prime.

With the Prime membership, you will get a high speed video streaming without any ads and other interruptions. Along with these features, you will get free music, free delivery on most of the Amazon Products, and many more perks.

You can try their 30 days free trial to get the hang of the interface and know how easy this platform is to stream movies online without ads.

3. YoMovies

Website- https://yomovies.li/

YoMovies is known for its well-organized genre and categories. Top categories of this site are Hollywood, Bollywood, Hindi Dubbed Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, and South Indian. All the other sub-categories comes under these top categories.

The main audience of this website are from countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh, etc. If you want to watch Bollywood movies with English Subtitles, then this site is best for you. While streaming any film, you can add or download the subtitle directly to the video player.

You don’t need to create any account to browser and stream movies and TV shows on this website. Like other Solarmovie alternative, you will also find categories like Top IMDB, Top rating, Trending movies, etc,. directly on the homepage. Using the search bar, you can search the name of your favorite movies.

All the latest movies and shows are updated on the homepage on the release day but the video quality of these films are very low. All other video quality are in Full HD, Blu-Ray, HD-Rip, etc. But from two to three weeks of the release date, the low quality movies links are replaced with HD ones.

The irritating ads problem can be solved using the adblocker extension on your desktop browser. While using mobile, you can use brave or kiwi browser which has in-built adblocker in them.

In single line, YoMovies is a great Solarmovie alternative site to stream Hollywood and Bollywood in HD quality.

4. CmoviesHD

Website- https://cmovies.vip/

Another website to the list of sites like Solarmovie is CmoviesHD. The user interface of this site is clean and easy to navigate. All the newly released shows and films are featured on the homepage.

IMDB rating are directly given on the thumbnail of every film and shows. When you hover the cursor above the thumbnail, you will find more details about the movie like Short Story, Cast, Genre, and link to watch movie.

All the content are available to stream without any registration or downloading. It has three main servers to watch the film, you have the freedom to choose the server as per the quality and speed. Some of the video quality present on this website is HD, CAM, HD-Rip, HD-Scr, etc.

5. CineBloom

Website- https://www.cinebloom.org/

The interface of CineBloom is not as same as Solarmovie, but all the content are very similar. You will definitely love this website as another Solarmovie alternative. The latest movies and TV shows are already tagged on the homepage, if not, search the name using the search bar on the top.

To get the filter and subcategories like genre, duration, release year, click on the movie category. Then you can get list of movies of your choice. Streaming any videos on Cinebloom is a two click process. First select the film you want to watch by clicking on the image and then click on the play button to start the streaming.

This website have three extra server which act as a backup to give you a smooth viewing experience. If the main link is not working then switch to the next server.

6. Housemovie.to

Website- http://housemovie.to/

Another go to website with the same features and database like Solarmovie is Housemovie. You can try this website a try to watch free movies online without signup.

Movie website like Solarmovie with an well organized and clean design. Finding your favorite movie or show is a piece of cake on this site. Search the name using the search bar or else find the desired category and browse the list to find new films to watch.

Many movie lovers check the details like IMDB rating, User rating, Short Summary and then decide whether to watch the show. If you are one of them, then you will find all the information on the movie streaming page with the links to change the servers. Only one thing, this website don’t provide is the trailers with the movie details.

I think interacting with other members to comment down your personal views and feedback on any particular movie is the best feature which a streaming platform can offer. And Housemovie does the same.

7. FlixTor

Website- https://flixtor.life/

FlixTor Homepage

If you want an ads-free environment to watch movies online for free without signup, then FlixTor is the right streaming website like Solarmovie. On this platform, you will find the movies of your choice in no time because of many filters and easy to navigation design.

It has huge collection of movies of different genres like action, comedy, horror, drama, etc. All you need is to click on the desired genre and get the list.

Other movie details like cast, quality, country, language, quality, IMDB rating, trailer and short summary are also available on the streaming page with the links to watch online and download.

Give a try to Flixtor, if Solarmovie is not responding or working and I hope you will be satisfied.

10. 123Movies

Website- https://the123movies.org/

One of the most popular website to find all the content like movies, TV shows, Full episodes, anime, and series in one place. 123Movies is the one website, you need to visit as an alternative site of Solarmovie. Many streaming sites don’t have anime in their database but it has a dedicated page to watch anime online for free.

All the latest content are updated on this website as soon as it is released on the OTT platforms. Due to which this site always make it on the headlines of news channel due to copyright issues. If your favorite movie or show is not present on it or the streaming link is broken, you can contact the support team and they will solve it immediately.

This website has millions of audience from all around the world. You can interact with them in the chat box and get movie suggestion as per your genre choice. It is my best choice to watch movies online for free. The only drawback is the number of popup ads and redirects which keeps on opening new tabs.

To solve the ads issue and get the ads-free environment, I use adblocker on my browser and an Trusted VPN like FastVPN as an extra security measure.

In one line, 123Movies is the best alternative of Solarmovie.

11. PrimeWire

Website- https://www.primewire.gr/

If none of the above sites are working or your quest to find the best alternative of Solarmovie is not solved, then the next website in the list is PrimeWire.

To access the movies and series, you have to create an account with email. We recommend to use secondary email which is not linked with any of your personal accounts. Once the registration process completes, sign in your account and now you can watch shows of your choice.

Filters like duration, genre, release date, and rating makes it very easy to find the desired movies. Once you found the movie, click on the thumbnail to open the streaming page. The speed and video quality is better than many online movie sites.

All the movie loving audience prefer to watch the trailers and read the short summary to get the idea of the storyline before watching the film or shows. By keeping this in mind, PrimeWire adds all the trailers on the streaming page to get easy access.

IMDB rating and user rating also comes in play while deciding the next movie or TV show to watch online. So you will find these details on the homepage with the movie thumbnail. All these small points make PrimeWire as one of best watching movies online sites like Solarmovie.

12. MoviesJoy

Website- https://www.moviesjoy.net/

Next to the list of best similar sites like Solarmovie is MoviesJoy. The interface is clean and easy to navigate. This website is free of ads so you can watch your favorite movie without any registration and downloading.

Find the movie using the categories and genre or search the name on the search bar. If you want to watch as per your desired genre like action, drama, romance, horror, etc. then you have click on genre which is on the top bar.

As a movie lover, you can explore top IMDB movies and top user rating movies with high speed servers and better quality. If you want a website like Solarmovie, but it should be ads free so that you can access it without any adblockers and VPN, then MoviesJoy is the best. The only drawback is old movie links are not updated frequently.

13. WatchFree

Website- https://watch-free.me/

WatchFree is a well-known free movies streaming site to watch TV series, films, shows and documentaries. It is one of the oldest movie sites like 123movies, fmovies, etc. The database is full of old and new movies and TV series. If you find the working link of this site, then you don’t need any other Solarmovie alternative to enjoy your favorite movie.

Thousands of movies are available under every genre, you need to click on any genre like action, drama, fantasy, horror, comedy, etc and you will get the list of movies from new to old. If you know the name of the film, search it using the search bar and get the thumbnail.

As you click on any thumbnail, you will get details like IMDB rating, cast, duration, language and country and will be redirected to the streaming page. Click on the pause button to start the movie. On the bottom end of the page, you will find comment box to interact with other audience. In these comments, you will find audience suggested movies and TV series, which you can watch later.

In simple words, this website is a good alternative to Solarmovie with huge collection of movies to watch, so you can give it a try.

14. FreeFlix

Website- https://www.freeflix.to/

The popularity of FreeFlix is increasing day by day. From the last two years, this site have constantly uploaded new movies and series on its platform. It is a new movie streaming website as compared to other Solarmovie alternatives.

The user interface and layout of this website is clean free of redirect and popup ads. This features is making it viral among movie lovers. There is a constant demand of ads free movie streaming sites because you don’t to worry about adblockers and VPN.

To watch any film or series, you have to click on the movie thumbnail and after two clicks, you will be redirected to the streaming page. This site have three players and servers options. If one is not working then switch to another one.

In simple words, another best choice to watch movies online sites like Solarmovies.

15. Bmovies

Website- https://bmovies.nl/

Another name in the list of best sites like Solarmovie is Bmovies. With the same interface and layout, you will not find any difference in streaming experience between these sites. To access the collection of movies and series, you don’t need to register on this site. Watch your favorite movie directly or download it to watch later as per your choice.

You can filter movies as per their genre, language, actor, quality and country. Other details like IMDB rating, cast details, quality and short summary are present on the movie streaming page.

Like all other free streaming sites, it also have ads and popup ads, which we can take care of by using adblockers.

16. RainierLand

Website- https://rainierland.is/

The only reason, I have added this website to this list is its huge collection of TV series which is updated regularly. Otherwise, I don’t prefer RainierLand, because it is loaded with nasty ads and popups. As soon as you enter the site, you will get the notification ads and if you try to close them you will be redirected to a new window due to popads.

There are many good alternative to Solarmovie, but if none of them are working then you don’t have any other choice rather to visit this website. Apart from large number of ads, this website is well-organized and easy to navigate layout.

Don’t worry, you can take care of ads using the adblocker, brave browser and VPN. If your device have all these three things turned ON, then only visit this website. I don’t consider RainierLand as one of the similar sites like Solarmovie because it is decidated to TV series only.

For TV series, it is one of the best site to watch TV shows online free full episodes complete seasons.

17. Moonline

Website- https://moonline.tv/

Next to the list of sites like Solarmovie is Moonline. All the latest top IMDB rating movies are present on this site in HD quality. Like most of the free movies online watching website, you don’t need to register on this site.

This site is managed by a single user so the collection of movies and series are less as compared to other website but still you can find some of the latest working servers links of famous films and shows. All the basic information like genre, country, duration are present on the downloading as well as streaming page.

With two server option, you can choose as per your choice and get uninterrupted streaming experience.

18. Yify TV

Website- https://ymovies.tv/

Yet, another one of the well-known and oldest watch movies online sites like Solarmovie with no sign up and free of cost is Yify TV. Name any movie you want, you will find it on this website. It has millions of traffic and audience throughout the world. If you want to become a contributor, then you can apply from this website.

As it has international visitors, you can chat with other movie lovers and suggest them you favorite movies and share your playlist. Yes, you can make your own playlist and save movies to watch them later. To get all the premium features like AI recommendation, personalized dashboard, watch later option, saved and favorite, etc. you need to create an account.

Watch unlimited movies of different countries and languages like Hindi, English, Korean, Tamil, Urdu, Greek, Japaness, etc. with english subtitle. Using the subtitle, you can watch other language movies without any communication barrier. Due to all these available languages, Yify TV is visited from across the globe.

Get all the details of the movie or series like the story plot, IMDB rating, User rating, language, subtitle language, country and genre on the landing page with the streaming servers. The video quality and streaming speed is better than many movies watching sites including Solarmovie.

In single line, Yify TV is one of the torrent site. So use it with precaution.

19. PutLockers2

Website- http://putlockers2.com/

Another well-known and oldest sites like Solarmovies is PutLockers2. This website have millions of visitors from all over the world to find their favorite movies and TV shows. The database of his website is massive and stores films and series of almost all countries.

All the content on this site is well-organized and easy to find. Due to its clean user-friendly layout and movies collection, most of the audience are returning visitors to this website. The content team of PutLockers are very active and update the site with new movies and series regularly.

If you can’t find the desired movie, use the request facility. One drawback of this site is the streaming speed. Due to large number of audience, the quality and speed is reduced.

All the movies are tagged with IMDB rating on their thumbnail so you don’t have to spend time searching for Top IMDB rated movies. Some of the most loved categories on this websites are Most Favorite, Top Viewed Today, and Top User Rating.

Besides the streaming speed, other features are very similar to Solarmovie. If you want to give this website a try. Please share your experience in the comment section below.

20. Hindilinks4u

Website- https://www.hindilinks4u.to/

There is no match of database of Bollywood movies on Hindilinks4u. If you love watching Bollywood, Korean, Punjabi, Urdu, Pakistani movies, then Hindilinks4u is the best alternative of Solarmovie. Many Bollywood movies of famous actors like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, etc are available with English subtitle for international audiences.

Newly released movies and episodes are featured on the homepage on the premier day. The quality of these new movies like 240p and DVDRip. To get the HD quality, you have to wait atleast a week. If the TV shows is released on any OTT platform then you will get the HD video on the same day.

Movies are categorized as per their alphabetical order. To find old movies, you have to type the name on the search bar. Apart from movies, it also has huge collection of TV series and shows. Before visiting this site, make sure to activate the adblocker on your browser or use brave browser on your mobile.


So that’s it for the list of best sites like Solarmovies to watch movies and series online for free in HD quality. I have curated the list of top movies streaming sites as well as the Solarmovies alternative website so that you don’t have to worry about missing your favorite TV or films. As a audience, if you know better streaming sites, please share me the name in the comment section below. And I will definitely try the new sites. You can bookmark this page, as I update the working URLs of the above website regularly.

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