26 Best Sites Like 123Movies in 2023 To Watch Movies and TV Shows

In this article, we have curated the best sites like 123Movies to watch movies in 2023 and get movies and series for free to watch online. You will many movies streaming platforms on the internet, but most of them are integrated with many ads and popup ads. In this list, we have included 123Movies alternative websites with HD quality videos and less ads.

123Movies was one of the well-known and most visited video streaming platform. But now the official domain is not working due to many reasons. But still there are many mirror sites and alternative of 123Movies which gives the same streaming experience.

Let’s begin the list.

Important Note- Read this before visiting any free movies streaming site

Don’t visit any website if you don’t setup the ads-free environment using adblocker and VPN. All the free site are packed with popup and redirect ads.

These ads may contain some malicious code which may install harmful scripts and apps on your device without your knowledge. It can steal your sensitive data like email, passwords, bank details. One click on just ads and your device may get infected with virus and malwares.

I recommend to use video streaming platform which are legal like Netflix and Amazon Prime or buy best VPN for streaming sites.

My personal favourite and used VPN while visiting all these similar sites like 123Movies, I have used FastVPN.

Learn the steps to setup ads-free environment?

  • First, install FastVPN from their official website.
  • Next, go to setting and enable adblocker and secure options.
  • For extra layer of security, use kiwi browser and enable the in-built adblocker.

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Now, you are free to go and visit any of the site and be secured. I recommend you to never turn off adblocker on free movies streaming sites. If any of site ask to disable the adblocker or VPN, leave the site and visit next one. Let’s start the list.

1. Amazon Prime

Website- https://www.primevideo.com/

Amazon prime homepage

Amazon Prime is one of the legal alternative of 123Movies on which you can watch movies, series and TV shows. It is a trusted website so you don’t have to worry about your data being misused after registration.

With the Prime membership, you will unlock all the premium shows and content and other perks like free music, fast Amazon delivery, and many more.

Features like continue watching, recommendation as per your history and high streaming quality give you the ultimate streaming experience while watching your favorite content.

With Amazon Prime, you are actually saving more money than buying membership. The prime plan costs around 12.99$ per month buy you can save more from free eBooks, free delivery and free music.

Get ads-free and HD quality streaming experience on Amazon Prime. You can try their 30 days trial plan and the decide whether to buy the premium membership.

2. PrimeWire

Website- https://www.primewire.li/

Next to the list of free movies streaming site like 123Movies is PrimeWire. Once, it has one of the largest collection of movies and series but due to some reason their domain and hosting were not working so they rebuild the site and are in the process of updating the database.

With simple layout and design, you can find your favorite films and shows in no time. You can use filters like genre, categories, Top IMDB, Top watched today, and the search bar as well.

To access the database, you don’t need to create any account. One unique feature which make PrimeWire different from other 123Movies alternative is its Schedule page. On the page, you will get all the details of the live TV shows in the coming week and next week.

Millions of users visit their site everyday to watch their desired films and shows. You can interact with them using the community tab. To use this feature, you have to create an account. After that, you can give feedback and comments on any movie.

The speed and video quality of all the servers are better than many free streaming sites. With five video links, you can choose as per your convenience.

The UI and design may not be same as 123Movies but it can used as an alternative when not available or working.

3. HackIMDB

Website- https://hackimdb.com/

Mirror and similar sites like 123Movies is HackIMDB. You can watch all movies, series and shows without signup and that too completely free. All the latest films and episodes are featured on the homepage to get quick access. You can also filter content as per their genre, country and release year.

Ads and popups are common in free streaming sites like HackIMDB. Use the above steps to create a ads-free environment before visiting this site. It has a huge collection of movies from around 15+ countries. To start playing, click on any thumbnail and close the new windows which pop ups and then press play button.

With only one streaming server, if you can’t find the desired films and shows, you can request to add the content using the request option. Apart from that, all other features are same as other free movies watching sites like 123Movies.

4. SeedHD

Website- https://seehd.nl/

SeedHD is a watch movies online site with features and layout similar to that of 123Movies. Watch Hollywood and Bollywood films and series with no sign and charge.

Advance filters like genre, country, language and quality helps audience to find their desired movies easily. It has four video servers to choose from. If one is broken, use another.

The UI and navigational options are flawless. If you love to watch Top IMDB rated movies, then you don’t have to visit the official IMDB site to check rating, you can get it directly on the movie thumbnail.

No doubt, SeedHD should be in your movies streaming list of website like 123Movies.

5. Yify TV

Website- https://y-ymovies.com/

One of the well-known and popular website among the movie lovers is Yify TV. On this website, you can stream movies online without any registration and that too in HD quality.

Audiences from all around the world visit this site to watch their favorite movies and series online for free. With filters like genre and country, you can easily find content in it. This site focus mainly on movies. For TV series, use the next sites in the list.

The homepage is featured with the latest films with their appropriate tags and categories. You can click on any tags to get the list of films under those tags. Additionally, all the essential details like cast, story plot, duration and country are given on the streaming page with the servers.

Click on any server and press the pause button to start the streaming. Popup and redirects may disturb you while watching the show and will ruin your experience, so we recommend to use adblocker and VPN for the completely secured and ads-free environment.

In one line, Yify TV is my personal favorite site which I visit as a backup site, when 123Movies is down or not working.

6. Bmovies

Website- https://b-bmovies.com/

Next to the list is Bmovies, one of the oldest movies streaming site with the largest database of movies, TV shows, series and anime around the globe. It is a similar site like 123Movies in terms of UI, database and server speed.

To access films and shows, you don’t need any registration but to interact with other audience and share your feedback and opinions of any movies and series, you need to sign up with your email. While creating an account we recommend to use a dummy email as a security measure.

Pop ads and redirects are less as compared to other 123Movies alternative but still we recommend to use adblockers and VPN to protect your device.

All the media are well-managed and organized as per their genre, country and language. Click on any genre like action, horror, comedy, etc, and find a number of movies to choose from. The cast details, quality, and other details are present directly on the homepage with the thumbnail, just hover the cursor over the movie image.

Additionally, you will find three servers for the same movies and TV series, you can click on the play button to start the streaming. Select the another sever if the main one is not working.

In short, you will get the same streaming experience like 123Movies on Bmovies so you can treat this site as one of the similar sites like 123Movies.

7. PutLocker

Website- http://putlockers2.com/

Yet, another oldest and popular streaming platforms like 123movies for free without any sign ups. Most of the content on this platform is in HD quality.

With database of over 15+ countries, you will find many movies to watch under every genre which you can filter using language, quality and IMDB ratings.

Use adblocker and VPN to get ads-free streaming experience. The UI is easy to navigate and well-organized. You will not find any issues on this site. If your favorite movies and series are not present on this site, you can move on to the next sites like 123Movies or you can request the admin to upload the desired movie.

8. CineBloom

Website- https://www.cinebloom.org/

Another 123Movies alternative movies streaming website is CineBloom. You can visit this site to watch films, shows and series for free and without account creation. It’s database is packed with movies of all ages from old classic to newly released.

To prevent ads and popup, use adblocker and get uninterrupted watching experience. All the latest movies and shows are tagged on homepage to get faster access.

One feature which is missing on this site is the filters like genre, categories and language. The database is not organized with categories. All you have is a search bar which you can use to find the movie using it’s correct name. If you misspelled the movie’s name, then it will not show on the site.

The streaming speed is good and video quality is better as compared to other free sites like 123Movies. You can use this site.

9. Hulu (For US)

Website- https://www.hulu.com/

hulu cartoons homepage

Hulu is legal video streaming site like Amazon Prime and Netflix. It is not similar to 123Movies but if you love to watch Hollywood movies and series, then this site is for you. You have to create an account to access the platform. Don’t worry, this website is one of the trusted source.

This platform is ads-free for its premium members. However, free members don’t have to worry about popup and harmful redirects. You will see just the video and display ads from trusted ads network.

The major drawback of this site is that it is only for US. For other countries, you can use Amazon Prime or any other alternative sites like 123Movies.

To access all the exclusive content on this platform, you have to buy the membership plan of $12.99 per month. You can try their 30 days free trial before purchasing the plan.

10. MoviesJoy

Website- https://www.moviesjoy.net/

Many movies streaming sites come and goes due to many unknown reasons, but MoviesJoy, which is new as compared to other movies watch online websites like 123Movies, PutLockers, Fmovies, etc. is running smoothly from the past two years.

If all the above sites are not working, then you can rely on this website to watch your favorite movies and series without registration and signup.

The collection of films and shows are huge. Newly released movies and old broken links are updated frequently so you will never run out of the content to watch online.

It is among the few streaming platform which is free of popup and redirects ads which makes it very secure to visit without any VPN and adblockers.

With more than four servers to watch, you can switch between any time if one is not working or loading. Search your desired movies using the filters or the search bar on the top. Due to all this features, MoviesJoy is one of my personal favorite movies streaming sites like 123Movies.


Website- https://yomovies.li/

Yomovies Homepage

One of the best 123Movies alternative website to watch Bollywood movies and series free with no signups. This site is dedicated to Indian content and include categories like Bollywood, Hindi dubbed Hollywood, South Indian Hindi dubbed and many more.

The UI and design is similar to 123Movies with less number of ads and popup. Get the best streaming experience without ads using adblocker and VPN given above in the article. The database is updated frequently with new movies and series in all Indian languages like Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Marathi, Urdu, etc.

Like other streaming sites, it also provide IMDB rating, cast details, duration, language and quality with the movie thumbnail, just move the cursor on the movie image and get all the details.

With well-managed categories like and filters like genre, IMDB rating, User Rating and A-Z lists, searching for your favorite movies and series takes no time. If you love Bollywood, I recommend to give this website a try.

12. FlixTor

Website- https://flixtor.life/

FlixTor Homepage

Another free streaming sites like 123Movies which lets you stream and watch movies online for free without registration and downloading is FlixTor. The collection of movies and series of this site is massive and are updated reguarly.

With ads-free platform and high quality videos, you will get a premium like watching experience after streaming any movies and series. This site is popular among many movie lovers due to its UI and latest collection of films and shows.

Categories like Latest, Now Playing in Theatre, Most Viewed movies makes it really easy for users to find the new content on this site. You have to wait for one to two week to get the HD quality of newly released films and episodes. If you can’t wait then move on to the next site.

13. Sony Crackle

Website- http://www.crackle.com/

As the name suggest, crackle is a video streaming platform owned by Sony Enterprises. You have to create an account for accessing the films and shows in this platform. As it is one of the trusted sites like Amazon Prime and Netflix, you can disable adblockers and VPN.

Free members gets to see display and video ads while playing the free content but if you want hassle-less, ads-free and high definition pictures quality environment, then we recommend to get the premium membership of Crackle.

Another perks of paid plan is that you get to unlock all the premium content like the Originals, HBO exclusive and Live TV with all episodes of shows broadcasts of Sony channels. New content are regularly uploaded on this platform. You can give this platform a visit like a millions of user do everyday.

14. Fmovies

Website- https://fmovies.co/

Fmovies is another great movies streaming site like 123Movies. With the same interface and UI, you will get similar browsing experience on Fmovies. It has one of the largest collection of shows, movies, series, documentaries, sports in one place. If you love to watch all content, then it is the recommended site by all.

Registration is completely optional to stream films online. You can browse the content as per their genre, country, language and IMDB rating. All the movies are well-organized under every categories like Top watched, Top IMDB, Genre, Country, Release Date, and A-Z Lists.

The first thing which you can see in this website are ads. There is a lot of ads on this platform so we don’t recommend to visit it without adblockers and VPN or else you will be stuck in the continuous loop of redirects and will never find the streaming page.

The video quality and IMDB rating are featured along with the thumbnail, which helps audience to decide whether to watch the film before landing on the streaming page.

With more than four servers of same movies, you can choose any of the four to get uninterrupted watching experience on Fmovies, an amazing 123Movies alternative.

15. WatchFree

Website- https://watch-free.me

One of my personal favorite sites on which you can watch full HD movies and TV series in HD quality is WatchFree. Like all other free sites like 123Movies, you don’t need any registration to access the huge database.

This site has managed to overome the ups and downs of the streaming industries and is working fine from a couple of years. If all the above links are not working then visit this site, it will not disappoint you.

With clear UI and navigation, searching your favorite movies and series is a piece of cake on WatchFree. Categories like Most Watched, Top rated, Top IMDB, etc, helps movie lovers to find their chosen films.

Click on the movie image on the homepage to get all the details of the film like storyline, cast, duration, language, country and quality. Under every genre, you will find hundreds of movies to watch.

You will find every episodes and seasons of the TV shows and series on WatchFree. If anything is not available, you can request the admin to update. No doubt, WatchFree is one of the best watch movies online sites like 123Movies.

16. Hindilinks4u

Website- https://www.hindilinks4u.to/

Another Bollywood loving movie streaming sites like Yomovies is Hindilinks4u. This site not similar to 123Movies but it is one of the best alternative to 123Movies in terms of Bollywood and Hindi content. Watch Hindi and dubbed movies with zero popup and redirect ads. Still, we recommend you to use adblockers and VPN for an extra security measure.

Video quality of newly released movies is low but updated just after the movie’s first premier day. To get the HD quality, you have to wait for atleast two to three months.

You can filter movies as per their genre, actor, actress, language and format. In one line, best platform for Hindi and Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies for Bollywood loving audiences.

17. Vumoo

Website- https://vumoo.to/

One main reason, movie buffs loves Vumoo is because if its UI and simple design. On the homepage, you will get the search bar. If you know the name, find it using the search bar.

To explore all the movies and series, click on the Visit the Homepage Button and you will redirected to the page with all the media, that are well-organized as per their IMDB rating, genre and country. Vumoo is also similar to sites like 123Movies in terms of registration and thumbnail feature that means you don’t have to create any account using your personal details.

To start the streaming, click on any of your chosen movie or series and next you will be redirected to a new window of your browser. Now, click on the play button and enjoy.

It has wide range of movies and series with filters. You can watch the latest movies and TV shows in HD quality on the premier day on any OTT platforms. Defiantly, Vumoo is a 123Movies alternative to watch free series online.

18. Soap2Day

Website- https://ww.thesoap2day.com/

Soap2Day is a dedicated streaming site for TV shows and series. It is not similar to 123Movies in terms of database and movies collection but you can trust this site to watch latest episodes of shows and series.

It has a category for movies but it is not quite updated. As per its user interface and features, it lacks filters to sort TV series as per their genre and country. Additionally, it has only one server. That means, you have to visit other site, if the video source is broken or not working.

Popup ads are present on this site. So to start the streaming, click the play button twice and close the additional window which opens on your browser. Then again press the play button on the player. Or else, use adblocker and watch shows in single click.

19. Moonline

Website to watch movies and TV series for free without registartion in HD content only like Blu-Ray, 720p and 1080p.

The collection of films and shows on this platform is less as compared to other sites like 123Movies because it provide only high definition content. All the media are ranked as per their IMDB rating. Check their Top IMDB category to get the list.

It also has filters like release year and genre to future narrow down your selection to watch movies as per your mood along with trailers and two mirror server on the movie page. Give this website a chance, if you like, bookmark it or else move on to the next website.

20. YesMovies

Website- https://yesmovie.bz/

YesMovies is a well-organized movies streaming platform with more than five servers to watch films and TV shows as per your chosen category. It has a huge database of films and series under every genre which is available for free and without account creation.

Choose any genre like action, horror, comedy, romance, etc. and get tons of the latest movies and episodes of ongoing TV series on this platform. The collection of films and shows are updated regularly.

If you love to watch top IMDB movies, then there is complete category where you can find the movies as per their IMDB rating. Ads and popup are present on this platform as well. To block all the popups, we recommend to use adblocker and VPN. Apart from ads, they misguide you to download some random apps, so ignore the Download button.

Click on the movie thumbnail on the homepage or search the name using the search bar. A new window will open in your browser and you will be redirected to the video source. Along with the movie servers, you will find other details like cast, language, quality, duration and resolution.

This site is visited by worldwide audience to download their favorite movies and TV series in their native languages. You will find 15+ countries movies on this site which are France, USA, Germany, India, Japan, Korea and many more.

Give this site a place in your movies streaming sites watchlist and one of the best alternative sites like 123Movies.

21. LookMovie

Website- https://lookmovie.ag/

Next to the list of similar movie watch online free sites like 123movies is LookMovie. I don’t think you will need this site because after trying all above sites, no doubt, you will find your favorite movies and series. But in case, you can give this website a try.

The interface of this website is attractive and well-organized. All the content are properly managed and sorted under different categories like genre, IMDB rating, country and language. The Homepage is featured with latest uploaded movies and series. You can watch any films and shows without any registration or signups.

To stops all the ads and getting uninterupres streaming experience, always use adsblocker extension on your browser or use Kiwi browser on your device. Get all the details like cast, storyline, duration, quality and trailers on the video source pages. With 3+ servers, you can change any server as per your internet speed quality.

22. Movie4u

Website- https://www1.movie4u.live/

With better design, layout and interface, Movie4u is back and live with tons of movies and TV series for all the users for free without any registration. You will get a similar type of user experience like 123Movies in design and movies collection.

To upload the latest movies and episodes, it take time of two to three weeks to get in HD quality. If you want to watch your favorite videos in low quality then you can move on to the next site.

With genre and language filters, it is quite simple to find and watch movies on this website. For top IMDB rating movies, click on the category, then choose the film, click on the image and start the streaming.

Definitely, Movie4u is one of the movie streaming sites like 123movies.

23. RainierLand

Website- https://rainierland.to/

RaininerLand has a huge collection of films and TV shows to watch online for free without registration. It is very popular among movie lovers as many other streaming sites come and goes, but this site is present online for a long time. So you can rely on it for your favorite movies and series if 123Movies is not working at that time.

With clean interface and well-managed database, you can start the streaming within two clicks. First click on the movie thumbnail and second one on the start button on the player. You can select the second mirror servers, if the main one is not working. So it has many features like streaming sites like 123Movies.

24. 123MoviesHub

123MoviesHub is a mirror site of 123movies with all the features and design similar to 123movies. It also let you watch movies and series wthout any registration and downloading.

If 123movies are not working, you can give this mirror site a try.

25. Cmovies

Website- https://cmovies.vip/

Next to the list of similar sites like 123Movies is Cmovies. It is one of the popular and most visited streaming site in countries like US, India and UK. With over millions of traffic per day, this site is live and working using the switching site extension method.

This site always switch its official domain as soon the old one is not working or not responding due to various reasons. Due to its user-friendly designs and wide collection of movies from different countries and industries like Hollywood, Bollywood, Asian Movies, Korean Movies, French Movies, Japaness Movies, etc. Cmovies have hundreds of loyal audience.

The database and the broken servers links are update regularly with new ones. So you will never find a non-working links, if by chance you found out, you can inform the admins using the connect form and they will fix the issues almost immediately.

With the huge database, HD quality videos, four to five movies servers and less number of ads give you the ultimate streaming experience like watch films online sites like 123Movies.

26. SolarMovies

Website- https://solarmovie.pe/

The last website which I will recommend you for the list of movies streaming sites like 123Movies is Solarmovies. Another popular movies streaming website name with millions of visitors to watch their favorite films in HD quality with high streaming speed.

Watch any content with no sign and free to charge. Downloading is not the option in this site. If you are searching a better alternative of 123Movies for downloading films and shows, then I recommend to use Fmovies and Its alternative.

Genre like action, comedy, horror, adventure, supernatural, Sci-Fi are loaded with tons of movies to choose from. To watch any chosen movie, find it on the homepage or search the name using the search bar. After that, click on the movie thumbnail and press play button to start the streaming.

123Movies Proxy and Mirror Sites

All the above movies streaming sites are the best similar sites like 123Movies but if you love the watching experience on 123Movies and don’t want to try any other alternatives then checkout these mirror and proxy links to watch movies and series without registration and downloading.

Before visiting, let me remind you about popup and redirects which may harm your device. So create an ads-free and secured environment using adblockers and VPNs and then only browse the proxy sites. Don’t download anything from such sites as it may have malicious scripts with the content.

Here are the proxy sites-

FAQs about 123Movies

Some most common asked questions about 123Movies also known as 123MoviesHub or Gostream.

Is 123Movies Illegal?

Yes, 123Movies is Illegal movie streaming site which provides movies and TV shows for free to its user without any registration. In 2018, Motion Pictures of America has declared many popular movies streaming sites as illegal like 123Movies, Fmovies, SolarMovies, Cmovies, and many more. All these illegal sites are a serious issue for producers, directors and other content creators as they lose most of the revenue to this sites. After MPAA declaration, it was shutdown by the government.
Using torrent sites is illegal in many countries like UK, USA and India. They have strict rules and regulation for these kind of crime. We recommend to use legal video streaming sites like 123Movies like Amazon Prime, Sony Crackle and Hulu. If not, invest in a trusted VPN which can hide your IP address while visiting such notorious illegal movies streaming sites.

Is 123Movies Safe?

Many people and user ask this question regarding the safety of using 123Movies. So let me answer the question for you. No. 123Movies is not safe. It is a movies streaming sites which provides all it’s content for free and to get revenue they use ads like popup and redirects. Such ads can harm your device by install an unknown software or app without your knowledge and can steal all your sensitive data like emails, passwords and bank details. If you are not using any adblocker and VPNs please don’t visit these kinds of free streaming sites like 123Movies. There are many safe alternative available in the market.

Is 123Movies Down or Not Working?

The official website of 123Movies is down and not working. In 2018, Most of the countries have ban such illegal content providing sites like 123Movies, Cmovies, Fmovies, etc. This site was one of the most popular piracy movie streaming sites with over 98 million visitors. so authorities have taken serious action to protect copyright content and on 19th March 2018, it was officially shut down. Now, as you search 123Movies, you will find all the mirror and proxy sites but not the official 123movies website.

What Is 123Movies New Website?

The official URL www.123movies.com was officially shut down on March 2018. After that, many proxy and similar site has taken its place. The name and domain also changed multiple time like 123MoviesHub and GoStream, GoMovies, etc. But all are 123Movies Proxy sites and none of them are owned by the same user. The recent working domain of 123Movies is www.123movies.vip. But no one can tell the number of days it may be running. Some of the working domains are as follows-

If you still have question regarding 123Movies and sites like 123Movies please tell me know in the comment section below.


Lets end the list of streaming sites like 123Movies here, I know there are many movies streaming sites on the internet but most of them are filled with ads, broken links and other nonsense things.

Now watch your favorite series, episodes, anime, movies and TV shows online using any of the 123Movies alternative sites given in this article.

If you are movie lover, and know some of the best sites which we can add them to this list. Please tell me in the comment section.

You can bookmark this page, as we regularly update the working URL of the above sites. If you have found any site, which are not working please inform us and we will update this article immediately.

Thanks for reading!

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