Top 3 Reasons to Become a Paralegal

There are many exciting opportunities available for those who interested in working within the legal field. One of the most rewarding legal jobs is being a paralegal, also known as a legal assistant, and working under the supervision of an attorney. Paralegals have a wide variety of duties, including drafting and filing legal documents, conducting investigations, communicating with clients via written correspondence and email, typing dictation, researching cases and attending court hearings, among many other tasks. For someone interested in the legal field, this can be a wonderful and fulfilling job that allows them to help people. Whether you are a student or someone working in another profession who wants to make a career change, here are the top three reasons to consider becoming a paralegal.

Job Opportunities

Law firms can range from small offices that employ just a few attorneys to large firms with many attorneys and multiple office locations. Generally, each attorney has one or two paralegals who assist them with daily tasks. A large number of law firms in the United States means there are ample job opportunities for those with a paralegal degree. While paralegals are generally employed by private law firms, there are also many job opportunities elsewhere. Some paralegals choose to work in the legal departments of large corporations, at a state or federal agency, at a college or university, at a non-profit or in the judicial system. 

High Salaries

Depending on your level of education, expertise and experience, there are many lucrative jobs available for paralegals and legal assistants. Paralegals just beginning their careers can expect an entry-level salary of around $30,000. The average paralegal salary is approximately $50,000 per year, although those with years of experience can expect raises and a higher salary. Paralegals who choose to work outside of a traditional private law firm may find themselves making more than this, depending on their place of employment.

Ongoing Learning

Being a paralegal means constantly building your skillset and learning more about the law. Many paralegals have specialties, such as real estate, evictions, traffic violations, criminal law, estate law, matrimonial law or personal injury law at There are also many opportunities to attend seminars and workshops, as well as chances to learn on the job from other paralegals and attorneys. A paralegal may also choose to become notary public, which is a special designation that allows him or her to witness the signing of important legal documents, such as wills, powers of attorney, mortgages and contracts. Becoming a notary can give you an advantage over other job applicants because many law firms prefer to have at least one or two notaries available at all times.

The field of law offers a wide variety of employment and educational opportunities for paralegals and legal assistants. Working as a paralegal allows you to have a lucrative career and build your skillset while helping others. Consider the ways in which becoming a paralegal could benefit your career and future goals.

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