Start Job consultancy services with no investment

Job consultancy services with no investment.

Career Guidance and Job Consultancy Business

Career guidance is the most crucial factor which helps in building his life. And if you are good at motivating people then starting a job consultancy business is just for you. Career guidance can make or break people’s career.

Need in the market

We all know the importance of career guidance. Not just students but working professionals also should give importance to it.


Competition in this sector is high because everyone tries to advise about whether he has the experience of that particular field or not. But if you follow this post, you will be on the next level of completion in no time.

How much money do I need to get started?

No investment is necessary as you don’t need any equipment or machinery to start this business. You can make your home as your office for the first few months.

Plan of action/How to start

Career Guidance and Job Consultancy Business

Step 1:

Try to find Career consultancy services in your local areas and see the services provided by them.

Step 2:

Give a visit to all the retired senior citizen in your local area who have more than 20+ years of experience in their field of work.

Tell them to honour students with your experience and how students can know their interests So that they can be high in their career. Try to get ten experts in Engineering, Medical, Health care and much more.

Step 3:

After getting the contacts of most of the senior citizen who is experts in his or her field. Now it’s time to approach companies of different sectors which are in your local areas.

Step 4:

Set up a meeting with the company’s HR manager and ask them what the qualities which you seek in fresher.

Step 5:

List the points which these experts seek in fresher and tell them about job consultancy services which will provide courses with the exact skills you required under expert guidance.

How to advertise my business?

Advertise your startup

Start to give free seminars and workshops on motivation and personal development in schools and college with the help of experienced citizen which you approached.

In schools, convince principle by telling them that you have the best expert in his or her field. He or she will give you permission in no time.

In colleges, convince principle by telling them that you have the best Job consultancy services and what industries need from fresher to get the job.

Note: As you give free seminars advertise your services which will take 100% guarantee about your job. And provide training which companies offer after recruitment.

Bonus tips: Do business with career and job consultancy and start giving training. It will enhance your skills which are needed by an industry of different sector after recruitment.

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