Financial Planner Agency Business

Who is a Financial Planner?

A financial planner is one who gives you a complete guide to how and where you should invest money. This fully knowledgeable planner has the ability to differentiate profitable investment opportunities from poor performers. To set up your business you will need a cost to get started because you will need to make you’re recognized, advertised and licensed.

Financial Planner Agency

Financial planner certification:

For the certification, you need to take and pass the exam. Get qualified in the exam certified planner exam. When you pass you will earn credibility more ever your reputation and name will get familiarized. After passing the exam you will be able to approach your clients.


The second step is to get a registered investment advisor license.

Pass the series 6 exam:

In order to get the legal right to sell mutual funds and annuities, you need to take the Series 6 exam and pass it. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority organizes this exam. Get your business name register. Now you may get your business name register.

Build relationships

Now you need to offer a suite of products to your clients by putting them together. Develop relationship and terms with providers of life insurance.

Insurance of errors

Get insurance for errors and omissions.

How to advertise

You need to market your services.

For this purpose you can:

Make an informative website.
Print Business cards.
In this way, you will be able to start your network. At discounted rate initially, start serving your family and friends and get contacts through them.

Investment needed

No investment is needed but You will need well-qualified partners to start this business.

Payback Period

You can start this business in your local areas stores. You can do the financial report of your nearby store to get them the maximum profits.

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