7 Digital Solutions To Empower Your Growing Business

It’s never been more important to take advantage of innovative digital solutions in order to grow and empower your business than right now. However, with hundreds of tools available, finding the right solution to help automate your business processes isn’t always as easy as it seems. 

So, we created this short list of a few favorite business solutions to keep your business on track and empower its growth. 

  1. Project Management Software

Businesses, especially those with a remote or hybrid workforce, will need help in keeping track of their numerous projects and goals. Since there are a lot of moving parts involved, project managers can get easily disorganized and confused. 

Project management software can help. A project management software comes with all the necessary features to plan your projects, manage available sources, keep all the project stakeholders involved, and respond to issues within tasks. 

Some of the best project management tools out there are simple, lightweight, and super easy to use. In general, project management software utilizes lists, boards, and cards in order to create and assign tasks, allowing your teams to stay organized. Most software even comes with a built-in collaboration tool that allows users to share files, collaborate within tasks and leave comments. 

For field services, service business scheduling software can help manage appointments, job details, technician schedules, and work orders in real-time. Using this tool, you can allow technicians to access and view team and individual schedules and add several staff logins. You can also synchronize your service scheduling software program with your entire team’s calendars.

  1. Password Managers

In this modern-day business landscape, cybersecurity should be a top priority. Data breaches and other security issues can put damage businesses, or worse, put them out of the competition. 

With that said, frequently changed and secure passwords should be your first line of defense. However, remembering complex password combinations for several apps and software and making changes often can be confusing and difficult for your employees. As a result, your team members may opt for the same passwords for every software they have to use. 

A good password manager is the best answer to this cybersecurity concern. Investing in a good password manager, you can securely store passwords, user login credentials and syncing all of it wherever you want across browsers or mobile devices. 

Reliable password managers can help secure your business by assisting employees to generate better passwords while also making it convenient for employees to remember several passwords across different software. 

  1. Electronic Signature

In this hyper-connected world, the traditional methods of signing and validating documents are now being replaced with electronic signatures. Electronic signatures can make digital signing a breeze, whether you need to collect signatures or sign a document. 

It’s helpful in speeding up the document turnaround time since you won’t need to print, scan, send and wait for the recipient to sign it and send it back to you. With a reliable and secure electronic signature, you or your client can just sign online and process time-sensitive documents in just a few clicks within seconds. Some software even uses blockchain stamping to ensure signatures’ authenticity and keep your documents from tampering. 

Are you worried about the legality of the electronic signature? E-signatures or digital signatures are legal. However, does e-signature create a binding and valid contract? Yes, e-signatures are widely accepted and recognized. They’re even more secure than paper-based signatures. Hence, they’re less likely susceptible to forgery.

  1. Employee Management Software

Managing a growing roster of skills is a ton of work. HR worries about the development side of things (mentoring, training, and motivation agendas) and works on employee logistics, such as approving timesheets and setting schedules. An employee management software can help keep your HR sane. 

An employee management software allows business owners and HR managers to streamline their employee-related activities. It can help manage timesheets, employee onboarding and offboarding, performance monitoring, scheduling leaves, and recording personal details and benefits. 

Some employee management software also offers several templates that you can customize according to the unique requirements of your business. Not only will it bring convenience to your HR department, but good employee management software can also allow your business to offer a better employee experience, improving employee retention and reducing your overall operating costs. 

  1. Communication Software

Effective and seamless communication both internally within teams and externally with customers is critical to successful operation and growth. In addition, with the current workplace environment now stretching out from offices and onto living rooms and kitchen tables, communication and collaboration tools are now more important than ever. 

The top communications programs of today can help connect people all across the globe. Most platforms can be used for video webinars, meetings, conference rooms, and as an Instant Messaging platform, streamlining business communications across teams. 

The best features and benefits of a reliable communication software program include the following: 

  • File-Sharing: Many communication software programs have a file-sharing feature, in which users can simply drag and drop files on the user interface. This feature promotes faster collaboration, especially for remote work settings.  
  • Chat And Video Features: The best communication software programs allow you to chat and make or receive calls simultaneously, perfect for multi-tasking. Some can even record videos and calls for documentation or later use. 
  • Notifications And Other Creative Features: A good communication software program provides automatic reminders of users who sent messages to specific team members. The other creative features include emoticons and useful communication templates.
  1. Collaboration Tools

Collaboration means gathering together the knowledge, talent, and strengths of individuals within a team. Not only can it spur innovation and foster productivity, but collaborating can also help in speeding up solution-finding, which ultimately helps your business to grow and offer more. 

Collaboration apps and tools are designed to help achieve the goals of a group of people involved in a common task. Some collaboration tools are already a part of project management tools or communication apps, but specific software focuses only on collaboration. 

The goal of project management is to get your projects done with less stress and struggle – to have every step laid out clearly and neatly, and know that things are moving forward as needed. To know about all the ins and out you can read Workzone project management guide.

Regardless of what you choose, collaboration apps can help in digital brainstorming sessions and providing access to information to bring innovation within teams. 

  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software
Customer relationship management concept background. CRM vector illustration. Company Strategy Planning. Business Data Analysis.

Perhaps one of the best ways for you to understand customer relationships and drive business growth is to use a CRM tool. These tools allow you to analyze better how your business interacts with your customer base. 

A CRM Software can facilitate collecting, organizing, and managing customer information in a single place. CRMs are often used to improve customer experience, satisfaction, and retention. However, some CRM tools can also help in building better communication within your company. These apps also help in optimizing your marketing strategy, allowing it to become more targeted and cost-efficient. 

Most CRM software offers free versions with essential features that can handle the basic functions such as sales processes, cross-channel tracking of customer interactions, and lead management. But if you want to get the most out of CRMs, then you need to invest in their paid version to access more advanced features such as high-end automation, deeper prospect insights, and even AI assistance. 


Modern businesses run on digital tools. From collaborating internally, communicating with customers, or just making it easier for employees, entrepreneurs will need to employ several digital platforms or software from the above list to help scale their business. May this list of digital solutions empower more your growing business.

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